The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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Cities are submerged in a hazy and alluring winter fog as people cover themselves up with multiple layers of clothing. Winter is a season filled with expectation. As nature prepares itself for the bud break in spring, we gear up towards a new year filled with new promises and well, those sneaky resolutions that die before the candles at a New Year party.

The excitement mounts and finds itself in the jubilant smile playing at everyone’s lips. With Christmas just around the corner, this festive spirit finds an ideal expression.

The streets are lined with shops selling Christmas trees as the world waits in anticipation of a day when all bets are off as everything turns magical.

Everyone has started hunting for the red Santa Claus caps for the perfect Christmas selfies. Recipes are being tracked down for delicious Christmas cakes. The walls of every church reverberate from the sound of melodious choir practices.

Kids have begun penning down letters for the beloved Santa Claus. The preparation has become a celebration in its own right.

As the anticipation for the celebration grows ,let us also make time to look all around us. Christmas Day would mean nothing if not preceded by a week filled with zealous excitement.

The spirit of Christmas lies not just in the tree that sits embellished in one corner of your room but in the moments spent with your loved ones decorating it.

The festival lies in our very attempt to seek happiness in traditions that bring us closer to all those around us. This Christmas allow yourself to be swept in by the festivities and release the Mr. Scrooge in you to participate and relish in the joy that this festival offers.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

  1. Winters are so awesome that it seems it should continue throughout the year…When you take your blanket and sleep for hours it is just an awesome feeling..And then you can go on without taking a bath for days..

  2. I personally like winters because of the winter wear. I absolutely love winter wears jackets and coats are my thing.

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