Why Motilal Nehru College Is the Talk Of the Town


The college is named after Pandit Motilal Nehru, a great leader of his time, and the college does justice to that by being one of the leading colleges in every right. Everything from its location to its faculty and infrastructure, the college is near perfect in its own right.

Motilal Nehru College has some unavoidable perks that include its proximity to places like the Satya Niketan market and colleges like the Venkateshwara College. The faculty at Motilal Nehru College is a highly learned and skilled one. The large campus has some worthy structures on the premises, like a mammoth sports field, one of the biggest libraries and other important structures for the Cultural Society. Not to forget the lushness of trees and green fields the students and visitors enjoy year round!

We will share all the reasons why one must think about Motilal Nehru College as the place to be!


  • The Best Location in South Delhi

Motilal Nehru College is located in an absolutely ideal location! An ideal location would mean, a marketplace, spots for the youth to relax in, and feasible food options? Guess what? Motilal Nehru College has all of the above and more to offer! Located in the heart of South Delhi, Motilal College is part of the rich college culture of South Campus.

It belongs to the DU umbrella in the south section of New Delhi and resides with other South Campus colleges in close vicinity.  Casually known as Venky, Sri Venkateswara College is bang opposite the campus – one will often find students of the two colleges ‘chilling’ together.

  • Satya Niketan!

Every student who has graduated from the colleges of South Campus, swears by the food and ambiance of the Satya Niketan market which is a stone throw’s away! It is sprawling with students at all times and there is always a certain youthfulness and energy in the place no matter what time one visits it. The cold coffees at The Big Yellow door or the Tandoori momos at QD’s or maybe the rolls at Chowranghee, this is the place to give your taste buds a well-deserved workout!

Meet new people, from various colleges here, or just bask in the beauty of beautiful young women or the handsome hunks, or maybe just make friends all the time. Where else would you find a college that provides you with the perfect location to bunk classes and goes to!


  • You Will Never Miss Lectures

Motilal Nehru College is within walking distance from the Outer ring road, or let’s say the highway. Which means traveling for students residing in New Delhi or around the NCR, for example, Gurugram or Noida is not a matter of concern in the slightest sense. Adding to that advantage in the near future, there would be a Metro train also available which would make travel for every student cheaper and more convenient as one would be able to use public transport like the comfortable and economic Delhi Metro right in front of the College gates!

Motilal Nehru College is the perfect way to give yourself a wholesome college experience.


  • A Well Structured Campus

Motilal Nehru college campus is one of the largest college structures under DU. It has all the amenities and space a student can ask for. The college is an educational and recreational temple for over four thousand students and over hundred thirty Faculty members! Now that is a clear indication of how large the campus must be.

Not to forget the college offers a prodigious Library with a comprehensive collection of books and numerous computer stations at the student’s disposal! If education it is you’re seeking, so shall you get in abundance. One feels a tiny bit smarter and learned just by walking through the college library!

  • A Humongous Canteen

A student can complete their daily fitness goals by merely walking from one to the other inside the college premises, and once you do reach the back section of this mammoth campus, you will be standing in one of the most relaxed and student rich canteens one can seek! The canteen has a lot to offer and most students would be here in between classes and during lunch and the canteen has enough space to accommodate a large number of students at a time. There are more perks to the canteen and the canteen area than just the food and the relaxed environment.

The canteen is adjacent to the cultural room and directly opposite to the sports ground. The students can always be acquainted by the hard working and immensely talented students of the Cultural Society, be it the dancers from the dance society or the theatre actors from the very special Motilal Nehru Drama society. The seating at the canteen also acts as a stand for the mighty sportsmen and women practicing and playing on the Motilal Nehru College grounds.

Food and live entertainment on a daily basis in the comfort of one’s friends and campus!

The campus also carefully maintains a surreal and calm environment for its students by maintaining lush green fields and a healthy amount of trees.  An ideal place to learn and grow for not just the students, but anyone walking the Motilal Nehru College grounds.


  • A Brilliant Cultural Society

1. For the Feet That Dance- Elektra

The Cultural Society at Motilal Nehru College is by far the most recognizable society and talent-rich part of not only the college but also the Delhi University family. The Dance Society which has been an integral part of the Cultural charm of Motilal Nehru College is aptly named ELEKTRA. The Dance Society is one proud department of the Cultural Society as they have been responsible for numerous victories and high finishes amongst varied competitions and events through the years.

Every student who has been a part of the society has grown as a performer and student because of the environment and freedom provided to these students at every juncture possible to make sure they nurture and groom their skills in the best possible way. Skills that have been widely appreciated by the audience at Motilal Nehru College or outside even in different cities.


2. Malhar For the All the Surs

The Music Society at Motilal Nehru College can be rewarded with their own compliments. ‘Malhar’ as they are formerly known have also been active and successfully been partaking in events and competitions within the city boundaries and outside in strange cities making it their own through their rhythm and musical fervor.


3. Lights, Action … Drama With Aadhar

The almost legendary or history-making society has to be the Drama Society, which is thoughtfully named, AADHAR. The Drama Society has been turning heads and provoking thoughts and meaning through their carefully designed and beautiful executions of the ‘nukkad natak’ or more simply put, The Drama Society is a master in the art of street play.

They have won a wide range of events and at regular intervals for the college and have been making fans anywhere the society goes and performs.

The Drama Society has been rightly been awarded of the laurels too, as they are also part of an elite group of societies to take part in the biggest street play event the country has to offer: Sahitya Kala Parishad.


The Cultural Society has been displaying its skills in varied forms of performance arts over the years and it is a testament to the work and performance of the above-mentioned societies that Motilal Nehru College has been winning the Chancellor’s Award for a decade straight.

It has a lot to offer students who are a part of it as the performing artists or the students as non-members or performers but just an audience to witness the works in progress. The learning in life always goes beyond the dynamics and walls of the classroom. The professional form of functioning and practice teaches and professes exactly that. The learning and participation in college can only be experienced at the facility and that is a major perk to be at the college premises.

  • The Annual Fest – Phoenix

The annual fest at Motilal Nehru College is a pristine celebration of the student life and youth.

It is amongst the top fests hosted by any college in the Delhi University family. With an average attendance of four to five thousand youngsters every year, on the premises of the college to witness the extravagant fest, which is fiercely known as, PHOENIX.

An overwhelming attendance of such a high number of students can be taken as an exemplification of the brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable fest. The fest has almost everything one can ask for under the same roof – with performances by other colleges in various forms of art like Music, Fashion, Dance, Drama, etc, the college also expends a healthy budget to invite some elite artists to perform, alongside the students and for the students.

The host societies are always anticipated and welcomed with loud cheers to perform and take part as the Cultural Society of Motilal Nehru College is loved by the students across the board.

The euphoria, through performances of various arts, the spirit of celebration and the youthful flavor and energetic stance of students, is always hysterical! So if one wants to celebrate and fill their journey and time with joy, one should come straight to the founding member of fun: Motilal Nehru College!


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