What Kind Of A Facebooker Is Your Roommate?

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The social networking site Facebook has brought about a myriad of possibilities in our lives. The virtual identity has seeped into and transformed reality as we know it. So as facebook’s birthday took all the spotlight, lets draw a closer look and notice the role that facebook plays in your roommate’s life and find out what kind of facebooker he/she is

  • ‘Hey dude please like my pic’ – These facebookers most probably maintain a diary about the number of likes each picture of theirs gets.
    They will tell you about each of their post before the news feed does and the only way to avoid being forced into liking everything on their wall is to deactivate your account.
  • ‘I sent you a request from my third account’ – Juggling between multiple accounts they are experts at maintaining multiple identities.
    They have the about us page of each of their account nailed to the T and had they not been so busy maintaining their facebook accounts they could have written the script for a successful Bollywood drama.
  • ‘I don’t use my facebook account’ – The reluctant facebookers, their account exists only so that they can once in a while spy on an ex fling or stalk a potential one.
    They are perpetually on the verge of deactivating their facebook accounts but always end up caving into the fb temptation.
  • ‘……………’ – This is what conversations with them in real life sound like. You would come to know that they went to a party or broke their leg only if you check their facebook accounts.
    They enjoy living a virtual life to the complete abandonment of a physical one. The only way people would find out they are dead is if they come out of the grave and post a ‘feeling dead.’
  • ‘Relationship Status – Complicated’ – Their facebook pages are smeared with tears and every status reeks of loneliness and despondence.
    Every calamity in their life is expressed either through a sentimental post or status and you know that you need to rush to their house for help whenever they deactivate their account.
  • ‘Please like and share the campaign’ – They are sworn activists of the virtual world.
    Every cause of concern and social campaign will find its way to their walls. They believe in the freedom of expression and constantly use facebook to spread awareness for various causes.

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3 thoughts on “What Kind Of A Facebooker Is Your Roommate?

  1. My Roommate is of a different kind..He keeps on posting committee ads on various groups and spamming all over….He keeps on adding photos as he is a great photographer too…

  2. my friend has a diffferent persona altogether. He has it seems, acquired a random thought generator. he keeps posting these vague cryptic messages with no clear cut patter. if he was to be a hacker, FBI would be sweating hard trying to beat him.
    sometimes they are emotional , sometimes hate, sometimes funny and sometimes just what the hallelujah!?

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