What Is It Like To Have A Hippie Roommate

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Hippie-ness is a way of life and the ones who embrace it end up making life easier and more chilled out for themselves as well as others. People whose roommates have the hippie streak in them need to understand and celebrate it. So here are a few things you would enjoy if you have a hippie roommate:

  1. Take a deep breath and relax – If you panic and tell your roommate that you no longer have water in the house, or that the toilet is blocked they will probably sit you down and ask you to take a deep breath. It might not solve the problem but it will definitely calm you down.
  2. Can’t pick a fight – It is almost impossible to pick a fight with a hippie. Loud arguments and nasty retorts are not their thing so if you want to resolve an issue all you can do is talk it out with them. It will resolve all your violent streaks.
  3. Living off a suitcase – You could count the number of clothes they have on your fingers. They will put no pressure on you to dress for the occasion and you could celebrate their birthday in your pyjamas.
  4. Time for a trip – They love to travel and find new places to relax. So on any random day you will hear them coming up with a trip plan to an exciting place and if you are feeling particularly adventurous you could tag along.
  5. Hair Surprises – You will find them doing something with their hair every month. Streaking coloring or letting them grow wild, there is nothing they will not try, it will inspire you to play around with your own locks.
  6. Animal Lovers – They love animals so much they even refuse to eat them so you would never have to share your food with them and you can always dig into theirs.

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  1. One thing which I feel is the best is you can spend a lot of alone time in your room. Also having a hippie friend you get to know a lot of places and also end going to a lot of places which you weren’t aware of..

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