What If Chandler Bing Was Your Roommate?

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Well, to be honest Chandler is the most loved of all Friends character. If there was an official voting he would take the cake any time and any day of the year. So here is listing what it would be like to have the witty and adorable Chandler as your roommate.

  1. The one with all the jokes – You will take some time getting used to humor made at your expense.
    But it will be so funny that you would probably not know whether to roll on the floor laughing or wonder if you have just been insulted.
  2. The one with the mysterious job – You will never be able to comprehend what your roommate does for a living and why anybody would choose to employ him.
    You will have to get used to saying ‘I have no clue’ when any outsider asks you what your roommate does.
  3. The one with the straight face – Your roommate would tell you everything in such a nonchalant fashion you would wonder if he was just making a joke when he told you last night that his aunt just died.
  4. The one with all the Baywatch shows – On days when he is not busy being dumped by or dumping women after first dates you will find him watching reruns of Baywatch. His goofy attachment to the show is sure to rub off on you.
  5. The one with the nubbin – You could always get back at him for making fun of you by very casually mentioning nubin his third nipple at large gatherings.
    The priceless expression on his face would be worth the embarrassment.
  6. The one who can do everything – A basketball game, a glass of beer, binge watching die hard, he will always be up for almost anything you have on your mind.
    He would even make even the most boring activity interesting just by being a part of it.
  7. The one with the horrible dates – If you ever feel bad about a date gone wrong, you will only have to ask about one of his and suddenly you will feel like the George Clooney of dating.

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2 thoughts on “What If Chandler Bing Was Your Roommate?

  1. I don’t have a roommate who is like Chandler but I would love to have one like him..I have friend who is more or less similar to Chandler when it comes to the Jokes and Dates and sometimes they are hilarious..

  2. Could you BE any more specific? I have not had a chandler friend of sorts, but i my roommate and i collectively comprised of all the chandler characteristics. he was the one with the awful dates and the baywatch collection and i was the one with jokes and always up for doing everything. But thank god we collectively avoided the weird dates part.

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