Weirdest Houses From Around The World

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Well, who could have imagined that the concrete jungles were more than just a straight building. Here’s a list of the most freakish and peculiar houses and buildings across the world which costs a fortune!

  1. Krzywy DomekRooms On Rent In Noida

    Polish for the Crooked House, Krzywy Domek is an unusual building in Sopot, Poland. It was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski.
  2. No, we have not put any effect on this picture. Yes, let that sink in.
    The construction of this building started in January, 2003 and ended in December, 2003.  11 months. Let that sink in too.
  3. Keret HouseRooms On Rent In NoidaThe most narrow house in the world, The Keret House in Warsaw, Poland. The Keret House is an art installation in the form of an insert between two existing buildings, representing different historical periods in Warsaw’s history.
     Keret House is planned to be located on a plot ­measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point ­and 152 centimeters in its ­widest point. This house is so skinny it hurts.
  4.  The Mushroom House in Cincinnati, Ohio,USA.Rooms On Rent In NoidaIs it just me or does it really look like the Thug Life chose this house? This Boss was built by Terry Brown. He died in a tragic car wreck in 2008 in Rosebud, TX.
    Though he is gone but his legacy lives on; not only through his many pupils but also through the weird and very unusual home that is now a prominent Cincinnati landmark and is likely to remain so for a long time to come.
    It’s worth is $349000 (Rs. 2,33,16,672.55 ) and it is still for sale. Anybody up for it?


  5. Antilia, Mumbai, India.Rooms On Rent In Noida

    This house looks freakish but is freakishly lush, plush and grand from the inside. Well, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this deluxe so , it just had to be.
    It has 27 floors and was designed to survive an 8-Richter scale earthquake. The residence includes a movie theater with a seating capacity of 50, health floors that feature a swimming pool and gym, and balconies with outdoor gardens. Is your heart crying yet?


  6. The Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania (USA)Rooms On Rent In Noida

    It was designed by an American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 and built partly over a waterfall,located on Bear Run.
    It look so serene and beautiful. ( ah,if only I could live here and talk to the birds!)
    It is said that there was not enough land to build a full home on this parcel, and so the architect designed a house built into the active waterfall on site. This home is truly remarkable.

  7. Portable HouseRooms On Rent In Noida

    This is a house, yes. Bamboo, plastic and bed sheets were used to build this 2 metre wide and 3 meter high ‘Portable House’ by Liu Lingchao.
    It weighs around 80 Kilograms and Liu only weighs 35. Beat that.
  8. Trassenheide in PolandRooms On Rent In Noida

    No, this house was not a victim of an Earthquake and neither did it fall, this is the Upside Down House or Trassenheide in Poland where you can walk on the ceilings as well.
    No kidding. See for yourself. This messed with your brain, didn’t it?

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Fascinating to see such wonderful and weird homes? Must be. Once in a while everyone would like to get a taste of homes like these. However for a long span, one likes to live in a comfortable homes without any hassles and weirdness surrounding it.

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3 thoughts on “Weirdest Houses From Around The World

  1. Oye..This was an interesting read… Really unique and thinking out of the box ideas…I would have never imagined such an architecture existed hadn’t I read this..

  2. quite weird imagining myself in some of these houses, specially the insert between the buildings. To break away from the standard design replicated over countless number of times. There will be a lot of people that will be interested in this. and who knows? maybe after some years we start seeing unusual designs as we advance the technology and start learning new ways to build houses.
    i will be very eagerly waiting for the time

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