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Winter is a season of hibernation. Physical movement is never dredged as much as it is on a cold winter morning when you have to force yourself out of your cozy blanket and hit the floor. So putting on that extra holiday fat is extremely normal. But instead of beating yourself up about the acquired pounds you can follow these convenient tips to ensure that getting into your jeans does not become an impossible task at the end of the season.

  • Green tea with honey – Start your mornings with a steaming cup of green tea with two spoons of honey. It will not only kick start your day with a waft of rejuvenating warmth but also help keep your weight in check.
  • No binge eating – Be conscious of unnecessary food cravings and avoid over eating. Munch on nuts and dry fruits to satisfy the sudden pangs of hunger and avoid those steaming momos and tandoori chicken like the plague.
  • Eat light at night – This is not an advice particular to the winter season but with all the munching and crunching one tends to do in the daytime during winters, it is important to leash in on the feasting at night and end the day with salads and a steaming bowl of soup.
  • Go for a walk in the evening – Waking up in the morning and exercising is ideal but even idealism hits the blanket during winter mornings.
    So try and go out for a long walk in the evening probably after a late lunch. It will not make up for the lack of exercise but allow your body the required physical movement.

Regular exercising sessions can get immensely tedious and boring. Doing the same thing over and over again every day can make one lose all enthusiasm for physical exercise.
So join PlankApp, and forget about dropping out of gyms. Try a new class, gym or a workout studio every day and give your body a new physical experience and challenge its limits.
With a diverse range of fitness alternatives such as Pilates, Power Yoga, Zumba etc a Planker is never too cold or tired for exercise.

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One thought on “Shed That Extra Pound!

  1. Winter is the time when you generally gain weight..Firstly due to the cold weather which makes your body lazy and physical activities are reduced to a great extent..It is always good to eat healthy and go for some exercises which will help you maintain yourself in shape..

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