Millennials facing the heat of Urban Loneliness


“Chronic loneliness (being and feeling lonely for a long time) is a modern-day epidemic,”                                                                                         ~Prof. John Cacioppo.

A harsh truth in a one-liner, Prof. Cacioppo cannot be any less relatable. If pondered upon, we will realize it is indeed an everyday phenomenon. A life generally when planned, have a to-list which state goals, targets, and expectations. But if someone asks you what are your emotional and mental goals, do you think you have answers? The rat-race is so consuming and at times, deafening even, that we fall deaf to the emotional needs of our bodies. The Chronic Loneliness which Prof. John Cacioppo talks about is also known as Urban Loneliness.

Initially, this kind of isolation was associated with old age, i.e. parents struggling to come to terms with grown-up children leaving home and moving away, poor health, and not knowing how to utilize their spare time. However, over the past 10 years health experts have seen an increase in this phenomenon in the younger age group as well.

Now, the question is how the young generation fell into this phenomenon?

The first major reason is moving to a new place, a new city, a whole new culture, a whole new set of people and what not. It is difficult to establish conversations and relations. This situation eventually turns overwhelming and coming to an empty room/flat, a toxic vicious cycle.

All this stress and foreign environment lead to isolation. An unhappy person can never achieve optimum results in life or in work because most of their energy is spent on dealing with the surroundings and work pressure. This eventually affects their health and work simultaneously. It beats the purpose of you relocating to a new place.

CoHo understands this situation and hence, tries to act as a buffer. CoHo is a long stay rental accommodation which not only offers comfortable and warm stay with its interiors designed to give you and your mood a push. We also focus on beating Urban Loneliness by organizing activities which lifts your low spirit, gives you an opportunity to meet and engage with people.

No compromises when it comes to your happiness. Work is important but not  more than you and at CoHo, we make you actualize this fact.

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CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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Millennials facing the heat of Urban Loneliness
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Millennials facing the heat of Urban Loneliness
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