Ultimate Pain in the “Awesomeness”

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The so called ‘Aafat ki tokri’ is finally here. Yes, you’re right, we are talking about the  semester exams which never fail to create a hype in our college lives even when we know it deep down that we are going to score the same low grades.

From beginning each semester with new notebooks, readings and redefined determination, we take a pledge that from now on we are going to study sincerely and get good grades.

However, the enthusiasm of studying  fades out as soon as we enter the second week of the semester and for some it even ends on the second day of the semester. True Story.

Our parties and hangouts, however, remain our same old companions with whom we can never part away.

After spending sleepless nights partying and hibernating days at college, without any tension about exams which seem to be far away from reality, it suddenly strikes us that the months have turned into days and finally we are left with just a week to prepare for our exams.

Oh yes, it hits us like an apple on Newton’s head, the only difference being  that in Newton’s case ,that one apple changed his life, whereas in our case,it changes nothing except giving us sour heads.

The one last week before the mid semester makes us realize some important things. First and foremost, it helps us to  know the names of the subjects which we have in this semester.

Secondly, it makes us consult that one nerd (whom we have always teased and made fun of) in the class who makes all the notes and our ultimate goal lies in bribing him/her to share the notes.

Thirdly, it makes us active, sleeping all day in the lectures and then suddenly rushing and standing in the long queues at the photocopy shop makes us feel that finally we are accomplishing something.

And trust us, all this takes time. Till the time these tasks are done, only a couple of days are left to prepare in which we get back to the old ways, of course.

Flipping the pages and clicking the pictures of the notes is  one thing which we end up doing in the last night. And the next morning we go like brave soldiers ready to face the battle, high on caffeine and low on any knowledge about the answers to the question.

What’s it like sitting in the examination hall? “Oye, dikha na yaar, tu toh mera best friend hai.”

After the exam season finally gets over , you need to unwind and get your mind off those sheets of paper. So who do you fall back to?

Friends , of course. So connect with CoHo.in and stay with like minded roommates to party hard after exams, you deserve it. CoHo.in helps you find broker free shared apartments in Noida , Gurgaon or Delhi.


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One thought on “Ultimate Pain in the “Awesomeness”

  1. EXAMS!!!!! The only time when you think studying for all the semester/trimester is so damn important…Whenever exams are on your head the uncountable promises you make to yourself to study for all the whole yaar…The promise that never get fulfilled…the group studies are the most awesome part where u do everything but study and discuss about foods, GOT etc etc..

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