Why These Top 10 North Campus Delhi University Colleges are the best


Delhi University prides in the countless graduates that bask in the glory of its name – reminding the world why the university is one of the best in the fields of research, practice-oriented academia and placements. With over a lakh forms sold every year for a mere 50 thousand seats, the colleges that collectively constitute north campus continue to be the most sought after for courses in arts, science and commerce.

Academics is not the only thing on the table, our young readers. Ask any Dilliwala where you get the best food and you’ll get “North Campus” as the answer – with some of the best eating joints, pubs and cafes in Hudson Lane and GTB Nagar, rest assured you’ll never go to bed on an unhappy stomach! Lucky for the nerd that resides inside you and aims for a seat in DU, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 North Campus colleges to apply to, and why they’re the best:

1. St. Stephen’s College

Founded in 1881, St. Stephen’s College is the oldest and the most resolutely sought by students from all streams. From literature to science, brilliant canteen tikkis to a beautiful campus, St. Stephen’s has made a mark for itself in the academic world by being regarded as the best college under the administration of Delhi University.

We’re sure the names of Kapil Sibal and Barkha Dutt ring a few bells, don’t they? One thing all these hotshots have in common (besides their fandom) is their profound love for their alma mater: Stephen’s! With packages up to 40 lacs for international roles and 16 for domestic by top-notch consultancy firms, you certainly want to consider going to a college that comes with such riches!

The Delhi university enclave is in close proximity to  Kamla Nagar, Hudson Lane, GTB and Civil LinesSo check out housing options in North Campus itself, to help you enjoy the best college life you could envision!


2. Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

Known as the best private college in India for arts and commerce aspirants, Sri Ram College of Commerce is the name that tops the list for everyone who wants to make it big in the field of economics and finance. Founded in 1926 by the late Lala Sri Ram, SRCC is acknowledged all over the globe for its crazy high packages and standard of education along with a gazillion opportunities the college offers to its students to make a name for themselves internationally. With a placement rate of ~85% and packages up to 29 lacs, it stands as the best go-to college for our future economists.

Well, well, now who wouldn’t want to be studious?

To make it better for yourself, look for PGs and Flats around Kamla Nagar and Malka Ganj to stick around campus for as long as you want.


3. Hindu College

Known as one of the best DU colleges; both in academics and co-curricular, Hindu college (founded 1899) is famous for churning out brilliant and talented minds for years now. From politically strong figures, social activists and sportsmen to actors, artists and lawyers, and comics! (Our personal favourite being Mallika Dua AKA Shagun didi)

So if there’s a rebellious debater hiding behind good grades – Hindu college is the place for you! If that wasn’t enough, it shines the ‘Star College’ status that was awarded to the Department of Biotechnology, by the Ministry of Science and Technology of India. Get your books out and find a place to stay in and around GTB Nagar, Kamla Nagar and Shakti Nagar, let no brick keep you from fulfilling those nerdy aspirations!


4. Hansraj College

The institution that produced our Badshah (Shah Rukh Khan), Hansraj college, founded in 1948, celebrates as one of the most iconic colleges. Famous for its arts courses, Hansraj College glorifies in its history of academic brilliance and churning out of some of the strongest alumni.

With its enormously sized campus that can house up to 5000 students, it also comes a respite for that undying sportsman’s spirit. An electronic shooting range (Hot!), an indoor sports complex and a fully equipped sports facility, you sure as hell get to work on those calves at Hansraj! Students from all over the country compete to get through these courses and to help you funnel out options for housing, check out accommodation in Vijay Nagar, GTB Nagar and Shakti Nagar.


5. Miranda House

Our ladies of class and intellect would all agree on thing: Miranda College being the best women in the country. Founded in 1948, Miranda college is observed as one of the best colleges that comes with an unbeatable faculty to help facilitate scholarly work and extracurricular strength.

Offering an array of professional add-on courses and the first computer-based resource centre for visually challenged students, it’s no surprise that it was ranked the best college in India in National Institutional Ranking Framework for the year 2017. We know you formidable feminists love the Miranda hostel, but if you need to stay out, look at PGs in Hudson Lane, Outram Lines, Shakti Nagar and Kamla Nagar.



6. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS)

Founded in 1987 as the first collegiate business college in India, Shaheed Sukhdev College has pioneered to excel in imparting excellent undergraduate education and practical knowledge in management and information technology. With some of the best companies coming for placements, CBS is the college for budding business minds. To help you manage your time better, check out accommodation close to CBS, which is nearly half an hour away from North Campus, around Jhilmil colony and Vivek Vihar.


7. Ramjas College

Founded as one of the first DU colleges in 1917, Ramjas college celebrated 100 years of excellent pedagogical initiatives and education this year in January. Apart from its delightful infrastructure and the mindblowing food that is quite the talk of the town, Ramjas college boasts of some of the smartest young minds in the country. Oh and one reason why everyone should aim for it: Hudson Lane and its close proximity to The irreplaceable Ridge. (Ehm..) Need we say more?  

Get your brain cells working, and go through our list of courses Ramjas has to offer.

You’ll find accommodation conveniently in GTB Nagar, Shakti Nagar and Kamla Nagar to help you stay close to the college.

8. Indraprastha College for Women (IP College)

One of the best colleges in the country and the only one under Delhi university to offer a Bachelor’s in Mass Media and Mass Communication, Indraprastha College for Women is a trophy college for all you talented school graduates! So get your intellect, cameras, writing pads, invigorating minds and confidence amalgamated as you apply to IP. Founded by freedom fighter and philanthropist Annie Besant in 1924, it was the first women’s college to be set up under the university’s administration. If you’re wondering what course to apply for, check our table out for the best ones IP has to offer its young newbies. As for residential areas, don’t fret – you’ll be able to find accommodation in Civil Lines.


9. Kirori Mal College (KMC)

Established in 1954, Kirori Mal College is a nationally renowned part-sarkaari institution that offers a solid grounding in academics, sports, theatre and other extracurricular activities. One can definitely aim for a metamorphosis here at Kirori Mal. The various societies at the college are considered as one of the best in the circuit; from theatre to dance. What adds on to its allure is the Commonwealth standard sports ground that is quite like no other in the country! Along with a splendid backing in college culture, KMC is popularly known for its undergraduate courses in arts, science and commerce – staying true to its Delhi university name and ranking. You may check PGs out in Kamla Nagar and Malka Ganj.


10. Daulat Ram College (DRC)

Formerly known as Pramila College, Daulat Ram College is named after the eminent educationist Daulat Ram Gupta. Founded in the year 1960, Daulat Ram has made it to the list of top 30 institutions under Delhi University. This all-girls institute is famous for its additional courses in multiple foreign languages, development and women’s studies! Way to go, DRC!

To feed into your laziness and tiring schedules, check out accommodation that’s closest to DRC in Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, Hudson Lane and Outram Lines.


Delhi University continues to be the first choice for students around the country, but we are well aware of the daunting task applying to colleges can be. What’s worse is when you have to carry a drooping face every day to class because of the fatigue and the homesickness. Don’t worry, we’ve got you, little ones! If you’re looking for luxurious and comforting rooms, check out Coho.in, and rest assured that frown will turn into a smile.

Making sure that you don’t feel too far from home, Coho.in brings to you affordable rooms in and around north campus, giving you the kickstart you need to make it big and deal with the fans that are to follow. -Wink, wink-

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Why These Top 10 North Campus Delhi University Colleges are the best
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Why These Top 10 North Campus Delhi University Colleges are the best
Colleges that constitute North campus continue to be the most sought after for courses in arts, science and commerce. We tell you why they're the best.
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