This Is Why The Finance Society at FMS Is A Gem


One of the first business schools in the country, Faculty of Management Studies has an unbeatable record of producing the best of the talent – those who prove to be an easy fit to the dynamic market that exists today. Since it was founded in 1953, it has been considered as one of the most premier colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi. Faculty of Management studies is a host to major corporate competitions and students who go to this institution are known winners of coveted events such as the Amazon Ace Challenge, HUL Lime, Mahindra War-room, L’oreal Brandstorm, so on and so forth.
As a full-time student of Master of Business Administration programme at Faculty of Management Studies, student life is exciting as it stretches well beyond the conventional classroom as the students get an opportunity to acquaint themselves to different spheres of university life and partake in multiple activities to hone different skills. Staying true to DU culture, FMS!

The Famous Finance Society at FMS

Since it was founded in 1986, the Finance Society is a haven for young minds and freshers. An exclusively, student-run body, the Finance Society is pretty much responsible for the intellectual growth of these abled and skilled newbies. The students are effectively introduced to the world of finance with the help of endless opportunities and avenues, facilitative techniques and support, ensuring that nobody gets left behind – they’re your people if you find yourself lost!

The students who envision finance as a career, Finance Society is the perfect fit for you. The society holds various events around the year like Online Civilisation games like Bank-ex, Beat The street, finance quizzes, guest lectures and seminars which are related to contemporary financial happenings. These not only supplement classroom teaching but generate the student’s interest in the world of finance. The finance society at Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, publishes a quarterly magazine called ‘Finomenon’ which features articles written by both faculty and students on relevant issues, carrying with it the latest news of interest.

Carpe Diem – Annual Finance Conclave

The legacy event, Carpe Diem, has a new theme every year and invites a panel discussion on different issues. Usually, prominent industry stalwarts confirm their participation in the conclave and students are allowed an opportunity to interact with these industrial giants to gain insights. The dynamic and ever so changing Indian Economy is the main theme that colors all discussions, facilitating a financial mindset to develop in the presence of the big shots themselves.

Famous Managing directors and CXOs from corporations and MNCs confirm their participation at the event each year – from THE RBI to Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, CRISIL, CII, etc. Woah!


Faculty of Management Studies initiated this fest as a ritual to encourage participation and to create a platform for an engagement between prominent B school students, corporate luminaries, and national leaders. Fiesta has evolved to become one of the most attended management festivals in the country with receives participation from over 100 colleges each year for the finance society events. FMS, staying true to its Delhi University roots, promises to organize an unparalleled learning experience through its management festivals, testing the talent of the many who wait all year long for it.
From live case study presentations on corporations to a discussion of pressing issues in the world of economy and finance, kids test their strategic skills and knowledge of microeconomics and the likes. Panel discussions are held with some of the best speakers from these organizations and the mighty RBI itself. No wonder the college campus is flooded with aspirants and both undergrads as well as postgrad students from other B schools each year!



  • a. FINATIC – Mergers and Acquisitions Case Study Competition

A live case study competition, it’s a testament to the student’s ability to understand the nerve of financial markets and pursue a quest to become the ultimate ‘finatic.’ A total of three rounds; in the first round, in the first phase, participants are required to give their forecasts for different financial assets, be it Sensex, gold, oil or bond yields for straight five trading days. The second phase involves a quiz testing the financial acumen of participants. The top 30 teams qualify on the basis of aggregate score, which are then provided with an M&A Case Study. In the third round, after thorough screening, the top 8 teams are invited on campus to present their solutions in front of an esteemed panel.

  • b. Fin-e-con – National inter-college event

One of the biggest competitions in the student’s dimension; Finecon is set to test the student’s fundamental knowledge of Finance and economics along with their awareness of Mergers & Acquisitions and stock markets. It’s a two-round event consisting of an online quiz in the first round to test knowledge in Finance and Economics. In the second round, the students are confronted with a nifty 50 stock that they need to provide an infographic based presentation of their stock pitch. Each year, participation from over 750 participants is received as 250 teams are formed with 3 members in each. One of the most competitive events in the realm of management, it is attended by students from all IIMs, SIBM, NIBM and IIMS.

  • c.FIntuition – Core content series

A novel initiative by the members of the Finance society at FMS, this initiative focuses on shaping the building blocks of financial knowledge. The students work to share infographic based information to keep students abreast of the financial workings of the market. This revolutionary step at a college level helps structure a business mind and offers a perspective to young students, enabling them to work towards a better understanding of the Indian Economy.

  • d. Finsights

A unique movement on campus, Finsights was incepted to house an environment that provides people with insights and opinions on matters of consequence in entrepreneurship. Involving both professors and students, it offers its members a wide array of topics to discuss and debate on. In an attempt to conceptualize news and word information, different opinions, perspectives, and commentary – this initiative by the finance society, FMS helps new students to find comfort in this sphere of big money. Addressing issues on the economy of the world, it holds interactive sessions with known professors from FMS, Delhi University and experts in the field.

Faculty of Management Studies continues to be the most sought-after college for higher education in managerial skills and enhancing knowledge in economics and finance. This autonomous college, affiliated to Delhi University is a haven for the growth of a budding entrepreneur. Don’t forget to attend the conclave in the months of February and March to look eye to eye with some of the smartest minds in the world! If running your own business to riches is the dream, you ought to attend this fest, dost.


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This Is Why The Finance Society at FMS Is A Gem
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This Is Why The Finance Society at FMS Is A Gem
One of the first B schools in the country, FMS produces the best of talent - those who prove to be an easy fit to the dynamic market that exists today.
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