Things you’ll relate to only if you have lived in a PG

After a host of sleepless nights and struggling with the likes of the formulae of HC Verma or the concepts of economics by Sandeep Garg, you finally aced those godforsaken board exams! *phew*

What must have followed is something we all are familiar with, running around trying to meet deadlines, submitting documents, waiting longingly for the candidate lists to come out and the whole rigmarole of it. Finding a place to live must have been another uphill battle.

But looks like you made it, kidoo! You finally moved into a PG and have embarked on the unpredictable and confusing journey, that is adulthood.

This one’s for all the ducklings who are just breaking into their new adult shoes and learning to live with the growing pains of moving out and still learning to adjust. Take it from the experts, kidoo – As painful as it is, the tides will turn and down the line, your war stories will make for some pretty amazing stories!

Waking up is a daily struggle

So, you have taken that first step towards adulting and have finally moved into a PG, away from home, eh? How’s the morning routine turning out for you? Not so well, we reckon. Don’t beat yourself up too much. No one gets it right, right away. Not having your mom around to switch off the fan or scream at you till you zap out of that lazy slumber makes getting up on time next to impossible. The first semester is always such a close call, with you almost always being late for the morning lectures and then doing everything in your power to meet the minimum attendance criteria.

What’s amazing is how many times you end up hitting that snooze button before finally giving up and going to bed, indefinitely. We feel for you, we really do. But kiddoo, you’ve got to do what you’ve gotta do! So, as much as it sucks to get up on time, you’ll eventually make a pact with your alarm clock and then fail and hit that snooze button, AGAIN!

*Tuch..tuch* All the best dealing with the angry professor awaiting you.


Maggi is LOVE. Maggi is LIFE.
Yes, as much of a cliche as it sounds, PG students know the value of  midnight Maggi coupled with deep conversations and giggles galore. Be it someone’s birthday party (because you’re usually too broke to afford a five-star meal) or just one of those midnight cravings – Maggi always comes to your rescue. Maggi is indeed the staple diet of all the students living in a PG, specially on days when you simply can’t bring yourself to eat the less than scrumptious meals offered in your PG. Easy to make, and yummy in the tummy! The easiest solution for those late night munchies (regardless of the reason you have them), Maggi will be your best friend through the PG years.

You will often end up fighting with your PG roommates over the dumbest of things and for the longest period of time – until one of you makes Maggi. A ceasefire technique capable of putting even the worst of Ino-Pak situations at ease, Maggi is the way you make up (the kissing is optional).



That Chair – You know the one.

We all know the chair – the one with clothes too dirty for the closet and too clean for your lazy soul to do anything about. Remember the way you simply took clean, freshly ironed clothes for granted? How you changed into a gazillion shirts before settling down on the one you would actually go out in? Well, well – looks like Karma found your PG address, kidoo. Living in a PG often means washing your on clothes because not all of us can afford to get them regularly cleaned outside. Your weekend plans often involve spending time doing the old rinse, brush, rinse, and repeat routine. The love hate relationship with your dirty laundry is one of those unavoidable hassles of living in a PG.

As tiring as it sounds and often, is, learning how to clean your own clothes actually prepares you for the future years. You might not need to clean your clothes all your life, but at least you are prepared, in case your machine ever breaks down.
So, chin up soldier! Adulting is hard, but somehow you will survive. And, of course you always can reward yourself with a hot steaming bowl of Maggi!



Rules that are meant to be broken!

So, you have finally settled in with your roomates, and even made friends with others in your PG. You are finally getting a grip on your daily routine and things seem to be falling into place, eh? The most obvious thing to do now is to celebrate! The first time you sneak out of your PG late at night – you are thrilled and nervous to the point of being paranoid! You make elaborate plans and come up with back up plans in case anything goes wrong. And of course, you end up getting convinced to just go with the flow by that one crazy friend. Every group has that one daredevil friend who believes in the mantra of zindagi na milegi dobara and often sweeps up everyone’s inhibition in a storm of their enthusiasm!

The first night out you experience with your friends is simply exhilarating. The sea of strangers dancing to the music playing, everyone dressed up and having a good time, and the realization that you are one of them! The adrenaline rush that follows, the happiness of just losing yourself to the moment – nothing can beat that. You let yourself go, safe in the presence of your friends and yet far away from the rules and woes of your daily struggles with adulthood. It is as exciting, as redeeming, and as fun-filled as it sounds!

The catch, of course, is getting back inside the premises of your PG without the landlord finding out, because if that happens – you are dead in the water. But then again, what’s a little fun without the promise of risk, eh?


You miss HOME, and how!

Amidst the constant struggle of doing chores, attending classes, and maintaining a social life – you’re too lost to even take a second to breathe and relax. But the constant running around and the pressure of keeping it all together often takes a toll on you. You miss the comforts of your home, the soothing touch of your mother’s hand, and you desperately wish to go back to a responsibility-free existence. This nostalgia hits you even harder on days when you fall sick and there’s no one around to feed you warm chicken soup in bed.
There, there, ducklings – it gets better, we assure you.

Homesickness is something everyone regardless of their age deals with. But those first few months in a PG are the worst of them all. You have no idea how to do anything right – your clothes have unexplained stains, the local vendors rip you off, making new friends is taking unexpectedly long, and the world seems to be caving in on you. Your only saving grace in times like these happens to be constant phone calls to your mom. She is the only one who can give you any sort of mental peace. She helps you through those tough negotiations with local fruit vendors and constantly reminds you to eat on time. As annoying as it sounds on regular days, deep down you feel grateful for her care and love. But time eventually passes and you learn to adjust to your new life. You convince yourself that you no longer miss home, and that you are finally learning how to successfully “adult” until your next trip back home.

The moment you return back from a well-spent vacation at home – you’re back to where you started. And the cycle of missing home begins again.


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Things you'll relate to only if you have lived in a PG
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Things you'll relate to only if you have lived in a PG
After a host of sleepless nights and struggling with the likes of the formulae of HC Verma or the concepts of economics by Sandeep Garg, you finally aced those godforsaken board exams! *phew*
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