Things To Do When The Sky Pours Down On You

So, the god of thunder (no, not Thor, sadly) has finally decided to pay us a visit! And he comes bearing gifts – the much-needed downpour that all heat exhausted Delhiites have been praying for. But hear us out before you run and hide behind the cozy walls of your room!

We bring to you fun ideas to indulge into, rather than giving in to your inner sloth who just wants to sleep through it all. Having to attend morning lectures in such weather is nothing short of punishment. Especially when you’re already out of clean clothes and run the risk of getting even the respectable ones wet – we understand! Monsoon woes are a real thing, especially for a college student. And thus, to bring you respite, we have curated this feel-good list for all of you!


  1. Binge eat all the fast food you can find!

Yes! You heard us right. You have had a long day, running around from one lecture hall to the other. With the continuous drizzle along with the calming breeze flowing throughout your campus (sigh!) – all you want to do is find a cozy bed and drift into the sweet oblivion of dreams. But, sadly you are stuck making notes while trying hard to pay attention to that Khadoos (ssshhh…) professor. It’s like you’re being punished for cursing the awful summer days! But, worry not child, because the final bell shall ring and you shall taste freedom, at last!

The best part of campus life (at least for foodies) is the plethora of carts and fast food outlets available in and around college. From the Subway franchise to the local “Gol-gappa” and samosa stalls – the options are endless and the world is your oyster! Indulging your taste buds is quite easily one of the most enjoyable things to do during monsoon. Hogging on all the freshly prepared, fried goodness – the world of Indian snack-dom! – is a treat in every sense of the word! We all have that one go-to place during our college years, where we end up spending all our free time. These “Addas” not only offer a fresh perspective on old gossips and provide the perfect place to hang out with your gang, they also serve the “World’s best” food – the quotation marks notwithstanding. And when you live away from home and start missing your mom’s steaming “pakodas”, the only thing to do is to feast on some hot and spicy monsoon snacks available in your vicinity!
(Don’t worry, we won’t point out the caloric intake…)


  1. Time to bring them out of the closet!

Monsoon season is full of mud splashes, puddles, and a renewed sense of freshness, all at once! Instead of spending all your time glued to a screen, go old school this time. Rummage through your shoe closet and get those long forgotten sneakers out! Winning battles on PUBG and scrolling through the latest collection of memes online might be fun, but they can’t compare to the sheer joy that playing in the rain with your buddies brings. Remember your school days when getting caught in the midst of a downpour was the ultimate high?

We all have been chased around in the rain by our friends, jumped on puddles, and laughed our hearts out every time one of us fell down. This is making you nostalgic, isn’t it? Well, then go on! Relive those priceless moments with your friends or make new ones while enjoying nature in its purest form. Be it the basketball court or the soccer ground – pick your favorite spot, let your hair down and just have fun! The joy of being able to let loose, just like the good ol’ days of school is going to be exhilarating. Add to it the thrill of chasing each other down the court trying to score that winning basket or even acing that bicycle kick for your team and you have the recipe for a perfect drenched evening! Being an adult comes with a multitude of responsibilities which often wear us down. The struggle of keeping it all together is often too much and thus, it is important to unwind at times. Spending your time doing things that take your mind off all things adult is the medicine we are prescribing this season.

So, go on! Go out, get dirt under your shoes and even on your shirt! After all, “Daag acche hain!”


  1. Cuddle up under the sheets and binge-watch movies/tv series on end.

This one’s for all you Bollywood fanatics. We know exactly how much the idea of binge-watching thrills you. Sprinkle a bit of those lovely, cozy monsoon evenings and add to it a dash of cuddling under the sheets with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (or coffee, for the caffeine addicts amongst you), and you have the perfect evening! The joy of watching your favorite stars on a screen while the rain falls on your window panes is priceless. Old movies – be it Hollywood or Bollywood – and monsoon are a match made in heaven! So, sit back and lose yourself in the brilliantly created cinematic space while mother nature adds to the ambiance.

Some of the most binge-worthy movies to enjoy during monsoon include – The Great Mouse Detective, Awara, Good Will Hunting, The Jungle Book, Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, among countless others. The entertainment industry has us all spoilt for choices, eh?

And for the younger millennials (did you really think we would forget about you?) –

we know how much of a blessing Netflix and all other similar apps are. Countless episodes, endless seasons and the innumerable number of options available, make these apps the perfect companion on a lonely day. So get cozy, grab a bucket of popcorn or chicken wings and enjoy the amazing weather from the comfort of your own bed!



  1. Chained to the rhythm

There is something about the monsoon season – it brings out a plethora of emotions in us. Some of us find ourselves feeling gloomy, some feel peaceful, while others feel like dancing in the puddles.

Whatever your inner monsoon child might feel like, there is always that one perfect song or album that makes your heart sing and your feet tap.

So, how about this time you create that perfect playlist for the perfect weather?

Music has the power to heal, and it can make even the most mundane moments perfect; combine that with the exotic monsoon weather and you have in your hands the perfect getaway!

Let the wonderful lyrics of your favorite songs drench your soul with the euphoric aura of this weather so that you may enjoy your time indoors.

Whether you’re a Jazz lover or a true blue 90s kid – simply turn the music on and dance to the tune of your heart!



  1. Spot a rainbow

As childish as it sounds, spotting a rainbow will fill your heart with unexplainable joy! The happiness of spotting something so naturally beautiful will make you believe in magic again, even if just for a moment. That childhood euphoria of watching the sky lit up with seven colors can prove to be the ultimate monsoon gift.


As fun as all these activities are, it is often inconvenient to step out of your society walls due to water-logging and other such practical issues.

In this case, wouldn’t it be fun if you could enjoy a number of fun games, activities and even jamming sessions within the walls of your own community ?

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Things To Do When The Sky Pours Down On You
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Things To Do When The Sky Pours Down On You
So, the god of thunder (no, not Thor, sadly) has finally decided to pay us a visit! And he comes bearing gifts - the much-needed downpour that all heat exhausted Delhiites have been praying for.
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