6 Things You Can Do This Republic Day

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If you are one of those people who spend the Republic Day every year watching the age-old rerun of Gandhi on Doordarshan or rather sleep the holiday off and wake up at 8 in the evening then this list is for you. Nation is a construct in practice, the individual in the end defines the nature and extent of his/her allegiance to it but this Republic Day it would be exciting to explore the nation that affects our life and moves us in so many different ways.

  1. Witness the Republic Day parade – If you are in Delhi, watching the Republic Day parade atleast once is an absolute must.
    The colors, the passion and the dedication are bound to overwhelm you. It is one thing everyone must do before they die.
  2. Talk to kids around you – If there are kids or teenagers in your locality talk to them about the country and what they feel about it.
    Their fresh perspective will move you to see the country in a different light
  3. Talk to old people – Call up your grandparents or knock on the door of the old couple living next door.
    Talk to them about the way they remember the republic day. They might even tell you tales of the day they saw Indira Gandhi or stood first in line to hear the President’s first address.
  4. Talk to a traffic policeman – They work day in and day out to make the roads a better place for everybody.
    Talk to them about their idea of the nation and the changes that they seek.
  5. Pick a delicacy – Choose a famous dish from a state of your choice and try to prepare it.
    To add a tinge of the Republic Day charm, serve the dish in tricolor plates.
  6. Organize a republic day quiz – It’s a wonder how most of us get by each day without knowing the most basic things about the country we live in.
    It’s not something to be ashamed of or mocked at, but Republic Day sure can be used as a great opportunity to run through some basic tidbits of information.
    So organize a republic day quiz for your friends, you might also learn a lot while preparing the questionnaire.

So, celebrate Republic Day with a difference and do not let it turn into just another public holiday.
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2 thoughts on “6 Things You Can Do This Republic Day

  1. Definitely wear a traditional outfit and go to a place where flag hoisting is taking place. Singing your National Anthem brings out the pride of the nation in you and watch the republic parade on TV..

  2. I donate blood. Or the best thing you can do is put a smile on anyones face. Give them a reason to be a happy citizen.

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