Things only a KMC student would know

Things only a KMC student would know

  • Tingu bhaiya

If you have ever been to KMC and noticed an old man carrying a bag on his shoulders, consider yourself very lucky. Tingu bhaiya sells an assortment of things ranging from toffees to cigarettes. Offering both candy and advice, he is a popular figure among the students.  Highly elusive, he finds you and not the other way around!

  • People take rickshaws to get to Kamla?

The back gate of the KMC campus opens into Kamla Nagar and provides easy access to the buzzing market. While most college students take rickshaws and autos to get there, KMC students just hop in to Kamla in between classes.

Things only a KMC student would know

  • KhoCa

The Kirori Mal Hostel Canteen or KhoCa is one of the favoured hangout spots in the college. The canteen offers a wide range of items on the menu at affordable prices. At any given time, the canteen is full of students taking a break from their classes.



  • Apolitical? That is a real thing?

KMC is known for its active political scene and the atmosphere is especially electric during election season. It becomes impossible to not get entangled in the heated arguments and remaining neutral seems like a distant possibility.

Things only a KMC student would know

  • Big B’s birthday is a big deal

Amitabh Bachchan is no doubt the most famous alumni of this college. It should come as no surprise, then, that his birthday is till date celebrated in his old hostel room every year at KMC.



  • The Gym can be free.

KMC is one of the few colleges in Delhi University that has its own gym and it is free of cost for its students. The gym is fully equipped with all the equipment and is as good as any other gym in the market.



  • Renaissance is the best. Enough said.

The annual college fest is one of the best fests in north campus and has been headlined by some major names in the past. Every year, the preparations begin well in advance and it is always a permanent fixture on any DU student’s calendar.



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Things only a KMC student would know
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Things only a KMC student would know
KMC College is one of the most sought after colleges in DU and there are certain things that only a KMC student will know.
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