Things only a DU Student can relate to!

So, we hear that you are from the esteemed Delhi University. Well, how’s the popularity among relatives treating you? Family functions must have become just a tad less unbearable. Also, your school friends who are in other universities must be all shades of green, (even if they’re too nice to admit it). But no matter how hard you try to express and share the feeling of being a DU student, it’s only a fellow DU student who could understand all things that make the university life in DU, what it is.

So, here’s a curated list of all things DU.

The pain of impossibly high cut-offs

There, there, child! We realize this is a tough one to process.
Any student who has made it through the admission process of the esteemed Delhi University, knows the efforts that goes into stepping across the campus border with an impossible-to-achieve boards result. Students all over India, appearing for their 12th board exams every year, are fully aware of the infamous cut-off marks required for admission in any of the DU Courses. Thus, the ones aspiring for that celebrated tag of being a DU student work harder than everyone else to make their dreams come true. Despite it being an uphill battle, the prize is most definitely worth the price.


Waking into the college on your first day and feeling like a SUPERSTAR!

So, you made it through the gruelling process of waiting for the announcement of the first and second and the final lists of the admission results. You’ve spent the following week and then some running around, submitting documents, meeting counsellors, deciding on the courses available and the college in which you would finally end up being a permanent student.

The never-ending process of getting it all streamlined is a hectic one and when it’s all done, you are too exhausted to celebrate anything.
But, then comes that first day of college – the day you walk into your new life with a new identity. A life filled with possibilities and a plethora of opportunities.

Your enthusiasm can only be matched by your nervousness, and yet, there is that one undeniable thought at the back of your head – you made it!

Congratulations, kiddo! Welcome to the big leagues.
We know that it is one of those unforgettable memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, as indeed you should!


Commute is life – or at least, a huge part of it.

Most of the DU students live in PGs, hostels, and other lodging options located around the campus, and commute using auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws. But for the ones located a little further away – the Delhi Metro is a lifeline! Not only is it affordable – because let’s face it, we are all broke here – but it also saves you time.
The book worms of the lot often end up finishing the books they have been trying to get through for weeks, and others often get their playlists updated owing to having proper time to explore new artists and genres of music, all on the go!
The metro commute also provides you with an opportunity to make new friends who share the same route, thus making it an adventure on its own.

Speaking of adventures, how can one forget to mention the hoard of rickshaw drivers around the Vishwavidyalaya metro station. Making through the boisterous crowd of those people had you feeling all kinds of adventurous, eh?
For most parts, the commute will become a part and parcel of your daily life and will give some pretty amazing memories in the process!


Welcome to the land of diversity – our very own Incredible India.

The crowd of DU is unlike any other. You will end up making friends from students from all over India. This cultural diversity opens your eyes to the beauty of the diversity of our beautiful nation. This makes you more tolerant towards other cultures and ideologies. Of course, the real benefit is learning how to abuse in various local languages (don’t even try denying it) and those styling tips from your North Eastern friends – nothing beats that, eh?

The cultural diversity also means amazing and unique home-made food that comes along with your friends after holidays. For out-station students, who often feel home-sick and crave maa ke haath ka khana, being able to devour on unique Indian delicacies is nothing short of a blessing.

The cultural fests are a hoot owing to your friends and their unique folk dance performances. Having such a diverse group also opens your eyes to the amazing history some of our lesser known states have, and makes you a little more proud of being a part of such a vast and culturally divergent nation.


Students Election – A fest bigger than any other!

Ask any DU student and they’ll agree to this sentiment – DU Students’ election is always a festival bigger than anything else! The incessant and untiring campaign efforts of the nominees, the inspiring speeches and the various events associated with the elections made for a fun ride. The ones involved were often religious about their roles to the point of being fanatics. But regardless of what role you played – even if it was just voting, elections were still a pretty big deal. And these experiences taught you a lot, from the exact legal way of proceeding with elections to the various social issues that the nominees often raised. These elections often gave you a glimpse into the lives of social activists, thus affecting your perspective on a lot of things.

And for the ones involved, the elections felt as real as the general elections held in India. There is never a shortage of media coverage and the nominees live the lives of celebrities, at least for the duration of their campaigns.

Overall, DU Students’ elections turn out to be a massive event and everyone feels involved and relishes being a part of something bigger than themselves.



In – budget canteens

Unlike most government universities – DU actually offers a plethora of good quality food in its canteens. From South Indian dishes to everyone’s favorite Chinese street food – there’s a little bit of something for everyone! Canteens not only provide you with finger-licking food, but they are available for dirt cheap rates.

And for the eternally broke college students – it’s the one blessing they are the most grateful for! And if you’re anything like me, good food at cheap rates is as good as it gets for you! Starting afresh in a new town, away from the comfort of your own home is hard. What makes it worse is the craving for good, homemade food. As impossible as it is for that hole to be filled, good canteen food acts as a soft cushion at times.

Thus, these canteens also eventually lead to some of their most important college memories. Ask any DU alumna about their canteen memories and they will be hit with nostalgia – and often shed a few happy tears as well.


You are always BROKE!

College life is all about managing the multitude of your expenses within a limited budget, and let’s face it – it sucks! Big time. But students, especially DU students, manage to do it exceptionally well. In between the PG / Hostel fees, along with a host of other such mandatory expenses, maintaining a social life is nothing short of struggle.

Be it shopping for clothes or munching on yummy food – they all come with a price tag, often too high to fit within the confines of your sad, little wallet. But my darling juggadus, you always find a way, don’t you? Be it haunting the likes of local flea markets like the world famous Kamla and Sarojini markets, or finding out the cheapest thela walas serving your favorite street food at unbelievable prices – you have done it all, haven’t you?

Be it the famous roadside stalls in and around North campus or the seemingly unending crowd of college girls in Sarojini, especially during weekends – all of them make DU what it is.


So, my dear first year fuchas – a you can see, college life is going to be a roller coaster ride with crazy memories and more than a bit of struggle. Here to make things easier is CoHo!

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Things Only DU Student can relate to
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Things Only DU Student can relate to
So, we hear that you are from the esteemed Delhi University. Well, how’s the popularity among relatives treating you? Family functions must have become just a tad less unbearable.
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