The Ultimate Guide for All Things You Will Need to Pack for College

Uh-oh… forgot that bag of frozen chicken wings, did you not? We are assuming your parents have left and you are all alone in your hostel room, realizing (right about now) n number of things that you forgot to carry. Oops! Fret not, child. Nobody at Delhi University expects you to be a ninja at the age of 18. So, instead of worrying your parents and getting a lot of backlash for it, let us try and remember all that is a MUST for college.

We understand that you are all excited and joyous about getting into Delhi University. Who wouldn’t be? After all, it is the best one could aim for. But somewhere amidst that happy chaos, you forgot to pack a load of stuff. We are not trying to freak you out, but believe us when we say that there are certain things that must never be forgotten.

These items will prove to be rather essential as you figure your life out in a new city, a new room, a new institution and a life without family around. So we suggest that you take a day or two to settle in, meet your roomies and hostel buds, take a stroll down your campus because it is not too late.

Yes, you heard us! There is still hope for our lazy bones and aalsi soul. Since it is only the first few days and the first semester, we are in luck.   What do you say, shall we get back to work? Get your notepads out because you are going to thank us eternally for making Delhi University life easier.

Consider this the sage’s guide to all those little things that turn a student’s life around. Considering that there is not much you can do without an ironing press when you have a class presentation due, believe us when we say that your alliance with DU is going to be a great one. Great not because of academics alone, but because of these very little things that make all the difference.

  1. A Shoe Organizer

Can you imagine fighting with your roommate and searching the entire hostel for a lost converse? Nope. Not cool. Take our advice, buy yourself one of those uber cheap shoe racks. They come in hanging and standing variants and you have the choice to hang it in your room or place it outside in the balcony. The hanging one can be used not to stuff shoes alone, but also jewelry and scarves and pretty much everything that you can fit into those tiny pockets! It is a full-fledged organizer designed to befit the student’s need.Things-to-pack-for-hostel

  1. A Noticeboard

Being an academic is no joke. Guys, a noticeboard is going to come in handy when you are struggling with endless post-its and lists to cover. Just pin all your worries, along with some adorable photographs (duh!) up on that noticeboard. Find one that goes with your room’s area and look, and you are done. Let the magic of organisation and nostalgia marry to give birth to an easier form of college living. Delhi university tends to take a toll on our stress managing abilities and you need this in your life to fight the same. things-to-pack-for-college

  1. OBVIOUSLY, A Laundry Basket

If you think you can make it through those three years without this, you are unbelievably mistaken. If there is one thing that keeps piling up, is nobody’s business and reeks for days – it is dirty laundry. And you do not want that in your room under any circumstances. Often during the packing phase, one tends to forget the most essential. So come what may, do not forget a laundry basket. You possibly cannot wash your clothes everyday, so in order to properly save your pile for the weekend, this item is your go-to buddy.


  1. A Comforter

Delhi’s weather is strange. Some nights, it tends to be chilly, (how we long for those!) and on others there is such unbearable heat that your roommate blasts the AC/ cooler at high. For those nights and for your homesick days, keep your comforter around!


  1. Rockstar Posters

Oh, yeeeeah. Our parents and society might have us believe that we are over Zac Efron’s abs, or Hannah Montana’s guitar but we all know it is not true. Our advice? Go crazy. Go poster shopping and buy all the exciting ones. Adorable pups, racing cars, rockstars and Ranbir – it is your world.  The best way to add a litle bit of homeliness to a strange room is to mark your territory.and the easiest way to do that? Claim the space with all that you like. things-to-pack-for-hostels

  1. Curtains

This is something that you more than likely will forget, unless your parents made it a point to drop em off. So make sure when you sit down to pack, an old set of curtains goes a long way. You have got to have your privacy ensured and in order to do that, you need those windows covered. things-to-pack-for-college

  1. Kettle and Tea Maker

Oh, you are going to love this one. Imagine what a sad world it would be – you wake up in the middle of the night craving some maggi, except you can’t have it. Pinch. Kettles are great! They do not use up that much of electricity, you can boil eggs and make maggi in them, and you can boil water for a gazillion reasons. It is a beautiful device that proves to be of immense help to starving undergrads. things-to-pack-for-college

  1. A Backpack

We are counting on you to not forget this. Pack your favourite backpack from school to help you get through those three years of bachelor’s life. You do not want to drag yourself to the DU campus every day, carrying a tonne of books and notes, do you? So, remind yourself to pack your favourite tiny bag so you can make it by in comfort and without the extra weight. Things-to-pack-for-college

  1. A Lap Table

things-to-pack-for-college Delhi University demands hours and hours of reading, assignments, reports and just straight up facebooking when you’re bored. In each case, you do not want to jeopardise your great posture and fit lifestyle, we hope. So to protect the needs of your spine, get yourself a lap table to help you work through the same. Needless to say, it goes a long way when you can conveniently rest in your favourite spot on the bed as you write your paper. Win-win.

  1. Lots of Boxes

Containers are the fix to everything! To prevent valuables from going missing, keep stuffing them into boxes. For your gifts, makeup, jewelry, shoes, notes and books – it all goes into the box. boxes We know you guys are smart enough to plan things ahead to avoid a fuss. So, make sure that you take a good look at the most important factor – the place you stay at. Getting into the college you have always dreamed of can be overwhelming considering all that is at stake for young minds and their potential. But as you go through a smooth process, you must be prepared for the shift that leaving home is.

You not only change your house, friends and location, you also need to find a place to stay for when your big move is executed. Lucky for you, we have a solution. Forget congested PGs and annoying new flatmates, figuring out your bread and milk stock and setting a deal with the water guy.


Just switch to Coho! Transforming the way the young reside in India, offers luxurious and comforting villas and dorms to students and working professionals at affordable prices. From fully furnished apartments to high-end services like health care, recreational spaces, housekeeping and maintenance, a formidable Coho community helps you experience your novice years the best way you could imagine! Timings, safety and other concerns tend to mess with the wishes of our childish souls.


Don’t wallow about your stay during these brilliant academic years, our young readers. We come bearing good news. CoHo understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. We promise you your best university life and your comfortable beds along with a security of a home.



Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life. You can now check out Coho’s residential dorms and villas near Delhi University. A dream that would be otherwise unaffordable, you can now add a pinch of hope to all your fantasies and look forward to the best years of your bachelors life. Happy first day, our little adults!

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The Ultimate Guide for All Things You Will Need to Pack for College
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The Ultimate Guide for All Things You Will Need to Pack for College
Uh-oh… forgot that bag of frozen chicken wings, did you not? We are assuming your parents have left and you are all alone in your hostel room, realizing (right about now) n number of things that you forgot to carry.
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