The sacred secrets of that fateful first year in college

Stepping out of the house for good, keeping up with all sorts of people, dealing with a gazillion schedules and surviving on your own – the life of an undergrad is eventful, to say the least. Delhi University sure is the dream, but seldom does a brochure inform students with what they should be expecting.

College life usually vacillates between exciting to borderline dull, each day marking a new beginning and a much-awaited end. Somewhere amidst managing tight deadlines and fighting with the landlord, you find a home for yourself in this metro city. Since you are a fresher in our town, it falls upon us to acquaint you with the ways of college. Delhi University is a great place to grow academically and intellectually, but there are some secrets that nobody talks about. And we are here to do just that! Here are 7 of the most sacred secrets that will come in handy in your first year at college:

  1. You Might Be Best-Friendless Initially

College is a strange experience – and one of the strangest and most natural processes is that of friendship. We know that leaving your friends is tough and loneliness kicks in within a few seconds of being in a new place. Although you might not find your people or your best friend right away, there are going to be plenty of those very strange opportunities or circumstances when you just click with someone you never thought could turn into a best friend. So, keep heart when you first find yourself in a crowd full of strangers. One of these days, you are going to bump into your future best friend and who knows, it could be totally worth the wait!


  1. Boredom Can Be Overwhelming

The urge to skip introductory classes is extremely high amongst college undergrads. Primarily because you have covered all of that in high school already, and what sort of a student believes in revision?! The excitement of attending your first lectures and figuring out what your professors are like is trumped by boredom almost as soon as you hear them speak. But bear with that redundancy, child. You are going to miss these doodle-filled fun lectures once the actual curriculum rolls in.


  1. You are Not Asocial

There are going to be countless instances when you are going to have to hold back from killing someone. We’re not kidding. Believe us when we tell you that you will find people who will get under your skin within seconds, pushing you to find the creepers and annihilate them forever. You will find yourself being pissed off by the most peculiar of things – someone’s deodorant, their tone, their pitch, their face and their very existence. The spectrum is pretty broad these days and especially challenging for introverts. Our advice? Stop telling yourself that you are a psychopath. You are not asocial and in all likelihood, not driven by the killer instinct. Delhi University is a huge place to find people to hate and run away from, but also a place where you find a lot of love. Just give it time, fellas.


  1. Fat Freshmen?

You might be confounded initially because of a change in eating habits, lack of exercise, being perpetually exhausted and losing your minds over those momos. But before you get stuck in a self hate loop, sit back, think and relax. You are in a brand new environment without the comforts of home. You barely know how to cook and even i you do, you do not have the energy or the resources to expend it. While you are still settling in and struggling for a healthy routine, do not criticise yourself or your eating habits because you feel insecure wearing a crop top. Love your body no matter what because it is that love that will help you work towards a healthier lifestyle ultimately. Plus it is DU, guys. You can wear pyjamas and chappals and people are going to adore you regardless.

  1. You Do Not Have To Be An Alcoholic To Fit In

Popular culture and metro cities will have you believe that you need to drink or smoke to fit in. sure, groups that smoke tend to hang out a lot more because of their smoking schedules or nights out drinking. But if that is not something you wish to pursue, you do not have to and ideally, shouldn’t. It is okay if you want to experiment with your tastes and styles, but we sure hope you never find yourself in a potentially risky situation.

Delhi University is a great place to find people from all walks of life and people who prefer one thing to another. So all you need to do is find your people when it comes to socialising! If sutta and chai is not your thing, please know that it does not have to be! Honestly, we think sipping gaajar juice is infinitely cooler and tastier than a kingfisher ultra. So, feel comfortable in your skin in your first year of college.


  1. You Don’t Have to Hate the CR

Let us clear the air; classroom representatives are annoying. We have managed to associate the with bad news – deadlines, tests, grades and they are always vibing with the prof. Who wouldn’t find them annoying? But there is another factor – they are a part of the class. They are also just students who have taken on a HUGE responsibility that comes with its risks and potential hatred from fellows. If you find yourself admiring the CR but your group tells you otherwise, we would rather you go with your gut. Guys, it is a tonne of work to manage all of it and your own duties and adulations as a mere teenager. So, remember, they are also on your team and part of the group.

And if that does not do it for you. Remember: they give proxy attendance.

  1. It Will Take a While to Not Be Homesick

We know you guys are smart enough to plan things ahead to avoid a fuss. So, make sure that you take a good look the most important factor – the place you stay at. The first few weeks are going to be terribly lonesome and we want you to know that it is okay.

Getting into the college you have always dreamed of can be overwhelming considering all that is at stake for young minds and their potential. But as you go through a smooth process, you must be prepared for the shift that leaving home is. You not only change your house, friends and location, you also need to find a place to stay for when your big move is executed. Lucky for you, we have a solution. Forget congested PGs and annoying new flatmates, figuring out your bread and milk stock and setting a deal with the water guy. Just switch to CoHo!


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Timings, safety and other concerns tend to mess with the wishes of our childish souls. Don’t wallow about your stay during these brilliant academic years, our young readers. We come bearing good news. understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation.

You don’t have to look too far, little one. We promise you your best university life and your comfortable beds along with a security of a home. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.


You can now check out Coho’s residential dorms and villas near Delhi University. A dream that would be otherwise unaffordable, you can now add a pinch of hope to all your fantasies and look forward to the best years of your bachelors life. Happy adulting, folks!

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The sacred secrets of that fateful first year in college
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The sacred secrets of that fateful first year in college
What to expect when you're a DU student? Here's a reality check that you need about the eventful first year of your college.
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