The journey from first to final year!

Most of us can’t wait to jump the bounds of school and leap into the awesome and happening world of college. During our school days, the word ‘college’ itself becomes synonymous with freedom, fun, and frolic. It is that paradise that we just can’t wait to get into, because someone, somewhere had stated a long time ago “College days are gonna be the best days of your life” (yes, yes, we know it’s a cliche, but we can’t help it!) and each one of us believes it from the core of our hearts! While it is definitely true that college life is one of the most memorable and defining stages in one’s life, it is also the stage where you grow and develop as a person. Beginning as a Freshman in the first year and becoming a Senior in college in the third year is a wonderful journey in itself – it is a journey of emancipation and learning.

So, let’s see how you’ll evolve during the three years of college!

  1. Excitement of Emancipation

Well, the first thing on this list had to be the joy of freedom! Now that you’re out of the rigid constraints of school (no more nagging by teachers to regularly attend the classes and no more scolding), and some of you are even out of your parent’s house, the feeling of freedom is entirely new for you! Going to college gives you a feeling that you’re all grown up now (trust us, you’ve yet to grow a lot!). The beginning is great – as a freshman, you love going to the campus every day, take classes when you wish, sip on that delicious cup of ‘chai’ and befriend the ‘strangers’ in your class, and try to soak in all the hustle-bustle around you. It all seems so fresh and exciting!


While the first months are great for having fun and exploring ‘new avenues’ (you know what we mean) with friends, by the time the haze passes, study pressure kicks in, and you begin to long for home – especially for your loving mom who used to always be there to console you and boost your confidence whenever you’re feeling low and blue. The phone seems to be your greatest consolation now – just hearing your parents’ and siblings’ voice cheers you up.


  1. From ‘Nervous’ and ‘Shy’ to ‘Social Butterfly’

Although excitement is legit while starting college, the feeling is also mixed with a feeling of nervousness and apprehension. You’ve just gotten out of your comfort zone, you’ve left your childhood friends behind (congo, if you’re in the same college!), and now you wonder if you’ll be able to socialize with the people around you and if you’ll make friends.


However, the feeling soon fades away and you see that it’s much easier to make friends than you thought it would. Soon, you find yourself doing all sorts of crazy stuff with your new buddies. You start hitting the town with your ‘gang,’ go shopping with them, go to the movies with them, attend and host house parties, and so much more!


All of this gradually changes by the time you reach the third year. You find that your gang of friends has narrowed down with only the choicest of them sticking by you (these are the friends you make for life). This handful of friends become your ‘family.’ You no longer feel the need or urge to go partying every other night – you’d rather stay home with your best friends, grab a bowl of popcorn and binge watch movies together. You realize that ‘noise’ and ‘hustle’ aren’t as appealing as they used to be during your first year of freedom and that now, you prefer a little quiet time with yourself and even sitting and talking for hours with your best buds.

  1. Fashion Goals

When you just enter college, you spend a lot of your time trying to get a hang of the things and people around you. So, the beginnings are essentially about fashion choices that are not too risque – freshers mostly stick to dresses and silhouettes that they’re most comfortable in.


Experimentation and fun with fashion start by the end of the first year when you’ve already soaked up the vibe of your college and are ready to step out of your comfort zone, flaunt new styles, experiment with styles are hip at the moment, and this goes for both boys and girls.


So, as you progress through college, your style sense continues to evolve radically.

Your fashion choices will become more graceful, mature, and classy. And for all of you who’re always comfortable in their own skin, without feeling the need to follow the fashion fads, more power to you!

  1. From A Geek To A Pro

The starting of college is both confusing and overwhelming. Books and syllabus have now taken a major turn – it’s not simple and concise anymore. The syllabus is huge and students have a hard time figuring out what to study and what to consider as an ‘expendable.’ Thus, in the first year, as a fresher, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your books (partying aside!). Since you’re new to the pattern, you cannot take the risk of leaving stuff for the one fear – ”What if it comes in the paper?”


In the second year, you’ll know what to study, how to study, and for how long you need to study regularly. So, it’ll get much easier (we’re not saying, it’ll be a breeze!) and that vein in your forehead will no longer pop out unnecessarily out of fear and tension!

  1. Witness Another Side Of You


College is not just about pursuing higher education; it is also about exploring your own self. Now that you’re in college, you’ll start to depend less on your parent’s and instead, you’ll start trying to accomplish tasks by yourself. Be it a small chore like changing the bulb in your room or a big achievement like learning how to cook. Gradually, you’ll find that you’ve developed skills you didn’t even know you had! This is a very important phase as you come face to face with a whole other dimension of you.


Slowly, your take on things begins to change. By the time you reach the third year, you learn to take things lightly as you now have the confidence that no matter what happens, you can figure out how to wiggle out of tricky situations (Swag!). You understand that with emancipation comes responsibility. You realize that you’re no longer the hapless teenager that you used to be – you are now a responsible adult who can think and acts maturely. Now, you’re growing up!

College is indeed a roller-coaster ride – full of little joys, events, mistakes, and of course, friends who make everything worthwhile. You never even realize that one moment you couldn’t wait for college to start and the next moment you find that you’re a graduate, and everything in between in a happy chaos! Yes, time will fly more quickly than you can ever expect. So, peeps, when in college, study hard and make the most of your golden years for the moments you make then are going to stay with you forever.

Shriya Garg

I'm a thaasophobic bibliophile. And I really like big words. Running the final lap of the CA race. A proud DU grad, currently trying to prove that a career in writing can exist! Author of two published books, with a third one on the way.

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The journey from first to final year!
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The journey from first to final year!
Most of us can’t wait to jump the bounds of school and leap into the awesome and happening world of college. During our school days, the word ‘college’ itself becomes synonymous with freedom, fun, and frolic.
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