The First Day of College – Welcome to the jungle!

Oh, yes – it is finally happening. After a year of arduous efforts, unending exams, stressful cutoff lists and the realisation of parting with family, it really is happening. You know what we are talking about: your FIRST day of college AKA freedom!

Delhi University opens its gates to freshers each year during the summer. After a tiresome admission process comes to an end, faculty and students get ready to face each other. This daunting experience is ambivalent in its nature; your nerves are constantly in a battle with your wishes. As you spend your first night in the city waiting for that much awaited morning, prepare to sort through all your class schedules, lecture details, faculty assigned, roll numbers and hostel details that have been provided.

This anxiety provoking experience has its own perks! After all, when you walk through that gate, you walk with pride. All your nerdiness and sincerity has helped you make it to the best university in the country. So, drop the awkwardness and count on us to be there. Let us jot down all the possible blunders that happen nearly with every fuccha and how to survive it all. Get your notebooks, kids – it is time to buckle up for the first day of college!

  1. Do not pick a fight with mom!

No almost-adult kid wants to witness their parents running up and down the city to set up their dorm room. Naturally, we tend to get pissed at them for doing so much and being so chep. Who can blame them? Their baby has managed to get through Delhi University and is going to be living all alone in a new city. Overnight, you have transitioned from a school going duckling to a fully fledged grown up. Sigh, they are only parents! So, instead of taking your anger out on them because you miss them already, go out with them for lunch and let them do those things for you. If you mum wants to set up your house, do not pick a fight with her. Cause trust us, that is one battle you cannot ever win.

Truth be told, relish the pampering when you can. Before you know it, you will be taking every bus back home to feel your parents close.


  1. Everybody is freaking out

Do not be fooled by the facade of charming smiles, summer dresses and remarkable speaking skills! Before you get extremely nervous and start freaking out, remember that practically every newbie on campus is freaking out too. Believe it or not, young minds fragment at the thought of walking into a crowd of strangers,  having to figure things out on their own. So behind the veil of confidence exuded, there is shyness and anxiety.

The way you can make this work in your favour is by reminding yourself that you are all in the same DU boat. Everybody is alone and homesick, and they are all just as jumpy inside. Quick fix? Befriend everybody on campus, because believe us, they are all dying to do the same!


  1. Talk, Talk, Talk

We know this is not school where you grew up with your counterparts and were kings of the jungle. To walk into a strange area, surrounded by strange humans is bound to stress anyone out. The safest way out of that panic invoking space is to make as many friends as possible. Talk to everyone around you! Not only will you get plausible answers to the flood of questions inside your head, you might find out who your classmates and potential best friends are.

If there is one thing Delhi University does right, it is stuffing people coming from different backgrounds in one campus. That leaves you with the opportunity to interact with people coming from all walks of life and courses. So find out who you want to sit next to, ask them out for a frappe and walk through the halls that you will soon claim as yours.

  1. You will be lost before you know it

Delhi university college campuses are gigantic. For a fresher on their first day of college, campus is nothing short of a nightmare. The twirling staircases and ramps, endless pathways and corridors and the magical route to the canteen – all but a haunting. But fear not, you will probably bang into thousands of kids trying to make your way towards the wrong direction in search of a washroom. But the best part is, give or take a week, you will be all settled into your territory and familiar with all the nooks and crannies of Delhi University.

Use your first day, or rather the first week to explore your campus. The burden of assignments and studies will be next to a minimal in the first semester. So utilise all that free time to roam around and acquaint yourself with your new home.


  1. You do not want to be alone on your first night

Your gut will push you to just distance yourself from that stranger crowd and sleep it off. But do not trust it! Your first day at Delhi University would be as tiring as a day can be. It is understandable if you would wish to just stay out of business and rest to replenish yourself for the next day. But trust us when we say this, you will regret it. Brave through that taxing day and make whatever silly plans you can with your new buds at the hostel – whether it is going out for dinner or staying in your shorts and watching a film. Get to know these people around you better and surround yourself with as many comforting voices as you possibly can.

It will all go downhill the moment you get back to your room to your unpacked suitcase and an existence devoid of family members. So before you hit the rut and sob feeling homesick, find your people for the night. Because it is just as important as your first day at college. We would rather you make it through your second day with a smile than a tear-stained face, buddy.


  1. You are going to need your homely house

We know you guys are smart enough to plan things ahead to avoid a fuss. So, make sure that you take a good look at the most important factor – the place you stay at.

Getting into the college you have always dreamed of can be overwhelming considering all that is at stake for young minds and their potential. But as you go through a smooth process, you must be prepared for the shift that leaving home is. You not only change your house, friends and location, you also need to find a place to stay for when your big move is executed. Lucky for you, we have a solution. Forget congested PGs and annoying new flatmates, figuring out your bread and milk stock and setting a deal with the water guy. Just switch to Coho!

Transforming the way the young reside in India, offers luxurious and comforting villas and dorms to students and working professionals at affordable prices. From fully furnished apartments to high-end services like health care, recreational spaces, housekeeping and maintenance, a formidable Coho community helps you experience your novice years the best way you could imagine!

Timings, safety, and other concerns tend to mess with the wishes of our childish souls. Don’t wallow about your stay during these brilliant academic years, our young readers. We come bearing good news. CoHo understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. We promise you your best university life and your comfortable beds along with a security of a home. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.

You can now check out Coho’s residential dorms and villas near Delhi University. A dream that would be otherwise unaffordable, you can now add a pinch of hope to all your fantasies and look forward to the best years of your bachelors life. Happy first day, our little adults!

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The First Day of College - Welcome to the jungle!
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The First Day of College - Welcome to the jungle!
Oh, yes - it is finally happening. After a year of arduous efforts, unending exams, stressful cutoff lists and the realisation of parting with family, it really is happening.
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