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Moving to a new city can be an extremely daunting task. Although it is a great opportunity to explore a different lifestyle it is also replete with uncertainties. The city becomes a big part of an individual’s identity. The city lives in you as much as you live in it. There is a certain sense of loyalty and love for one’s own city especially if it’s a place one has grown up or studied in.

With so much anchoring to a city it can become very difficult to accept a different city, its culture and people. The key to enjoying a new city is to abandon all expectations and let the city grow on you.

Every city has something unique to offer. The initial months of moving to a new city can induce constant and sudden bouts of nostalgia.

It is hard to resist comparing the old and the new city mostly to the new place’s disadvantage. But these comparisons are as unfounded as they are pointless.

Instead of seeking similar experiences in a new city it is important to explore the new city for all the possibilities it creates. The cultural life of every city especially in a country like India is diverse and filled with distinct energies.

Every city celebrates different festivals, engenders a different kind of intellectual growth and allows different kind of access to spaces.

It might take efforts and time to understand the new city for how it functions but the experience is truly pleasurable and can turn into an adventure of a lifetime.

A very big aspect of the city are its people. Memories of old friends, family and colleagues might be difficult to get comfortable with but it is also important to allow oneself to forge new relationships.

It is important to be open to new languages, varied accents and different perspectives. Making attempts to learn new languages and trying out new dishes can be very helpful in finding pleasure in a different culture.

What better way to understand the city than living at a place that not only allows an easy access to the market space but also brings leisure to the doorstep with its recreational units.

At CoHo, new entrants to the city can find the above, along with enjoyable company of roommates from different part of the country.

Find amazing rooms on rent in Delhi near Mansarover Garden, Karol Bagh, North Campus, Rohini, Shakti Nagar and many more prime locations in Delhi NCR!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Coming to a big city always has it’s positive and negatives…Positives being you get a more exposure and get to meet people from varied background which enhances your personality and on the contrary you stop valuing small things which you used to do in small cities and all the BIG CITY life takes away your innocence that you had in a small city…

  2. When I moved to Mumbai, it was an amazing experience for me as I was thrust into this amazing place. Met new people, learned a lot of things, unlearned a lot of things as well. Overall, it was an enriching experience for me because I always believed that when life gives you new opportunities, you are to take it by your hands and make sure you paint the town red because this isn’t Mario and you don’t have any extra lives left!

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