The Annual Management Fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce



The big business and economic giant that shines in the most prime university zone in Delhi: guys, we present to you, SRCC! The best institution in India that is held in high regard by universities both in India and abroad, SRCC offers an unparalleled learning experience. Famous around the globe for its courses in management, commerce, and economics, Sri Ram College of Commerce is one tough one.

Founded by Lala Sri Ram in the year 1926, Shri Ram College of Commerce is to be found in the heart of students’ adoration and that twinkle in their aspiring eyes. Located on North Campus, Shri Ram College of Commerce is one of the premier constituent colleges under the patronage of the mighty University of Delhi. Brought to life to revolutionize the way business education is thought in the nation with its specialized courses. Amusing as it is, SRCC came to be in a bungalow in Darya Ganj and shifted campus to Delhi University in the year 1954.

Perhaps this applaudable foundation is the reason behind these young geniuses and their ceaseless efforts. And glory doesn’t end there, peeps; Shri Ram College of Commerce’s majestic campus is also a declared heritage building. No surprise there. Given the mind-numbing infrastructure that comes with centrally controlled temperature, an excellent library, a swimming pool (now where does one find that?!) and prim labs. Way to go, SRCC!


Upholding its place as one of the best academic institutions in the world; Sri Ram College of Commerce is run by some of the best professors in the world. Keeping up to that mark, the NAAC accreditation for SRCC as being the best college in India for commerce is at an A+ with a score of 3.65/4. Drop a hat, youngsters. That highest score under the University of Delhi has to be fuelled by exceptional students. An example of which is the annual business conclave hosted and organized by the college, and we shall walk you through what could be the most informative days as a student of business, commerce or economics.

  • A Business Conclave Like No Other

The annual festival that targets undergrads in business, management, commerce and economics – Shri ram college business conclave is one of its kind. It promises these novices a dialogue with some of the best institutes and personalities in the world. Extending its reach to fifteen to twenty thousand young academics and skilled individuals in the world each year, the SRCC conclave is one of the most famous in the world – opening its gates to more than 250 colleges.

To add more to the allure of this rendezvous, it would surprise students to know that the conclave is not attended by Delhi University students alone.  Shri Ram College of Commerce is renowned for the international ties that have been strengthened by academics and research that are taken up by the university staff. It’s no news that students benefit in leaps and bounds when it comes to a master’s education or exchange programs that are facilitated by the college and its partner universities.

In similar sounding tunes, the college organizes a University Fair as well. As a huge part of the Business Conclave, this fair is open to all the attendees of the conclave. It is reported that 40 or national and international universities attend this fair to facilitate an interaction between home colleges and universities abroad, bridging the gap between communities, knowledge, and cultures.

The university has a record of hosting representatives from partner universities; some of the highest ranked universities in the world! In 2017, SRCC business conclave was attended by people from the University of Edinburgh, University of St. Andrews, University of Nottingham, OP Jindal Global University and some of the best consultant firms in India. You no longer need to worry about networking, kids! Interact with the big shots yourself and your dream of studying abroad don’t need to be given up on.


  • A Magnanimous Guest List

No fest an meet the extremely high standards set by Sri Ram College of Commerce. Setting the bar too high, one must note that the prime minister, Sri Narendra Modi attended the Business as the chief guest at the Conclave back in 2013! And the list merely begins there; P Chidambaram attended it in 2014, Smriti Irani attended the conclave as the chief guest in 2015 and Nitin Gadkari in 2016.

No wonder that management students don’t skip the opportunity to attend this undergraduate festival – who wouldn’t wit around an entire year to attend a few days in the presence of the likes of the Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Mr. Sundar Pichai and Mr. Arun Jaitley? It really doesn’t get better than this, folks!

And what’s our take on it, you ask …


  • An Array of Business Events

Now, don’t you get intimidated by the stature of the best, kid. Remember that it is an exceptional opportunity to hone your skills in the trade and up those intellect points! To cater to the needs of smart youngsters like the ones who attend Delhi University (can we get a hell yes?!), Shri Ram College of Commerce organizes events and competitions for attendees to take part in.

Test your hand at the same in finance based events: from the Best Manager, Shri Ram Case study competition, B-plan competition and many more. Need more incentives? The winning teams and individuals receive some pretty cool prizes – and you get an excuse to go eat in Hudson Lane once you’re done! Hello, BYD!

The remarkable wit of SRCC graduates has been made cognizant to the world, and the Business Conclave tends to be a peculiar way to use the same. The quirkiness of the events is maintained in their respective names – Anthropos Kapital, Inquizate, Launchpad and Chasing Margins, to name a few.

Work that confidence and that fancy corporate suit! Let us tell you, it is strictly business. -Winks-

  • The Charm of Delhi University

Delhi University is celebrated around the globe for being a leading university that promotes eminent research and education, and our students would agree. Shri Ram College of Commerce is one such example of the University of Delhi, breathing life into North Campus with one graduate at a time. Every year, students join the university only to be baffled by the learning environment that is offered by it.

From guest lectures and seminars to fests, Delhi University proves to live up to the aspirations of these bright minds, and SRCC business conclave is the absolute best at that job. So grab that mixed berry shake from Cafeteria and Co., walk through the streets of GTB Nagar and make it to the business conclave next February!


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The Annual Management Fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce
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The Annual Management Fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce
Shri Ram College of Commerce is one of the premier constituent colleges under the patronage of the mighty University of Delhi.
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