Summertime Happiness!

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Winters are just about to take its last breaths for this season and the sun is rising and shining high. Yes folk summers are around the corner.

Apart from the extreme heat that never fails to annoy us and bring all the tan along, there are a lot of fun elements that every Delhiite always welcomes.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing things that make summers pretty interesting and enjoyable.

  1. Wake-up on time and say by to all the laziness:

In winters the warmness of the blanket always gives scope to the ‘5 more minutes’ saying which never seems to end and ultimately makes us late for all our errands.

Summers on the other hand give a chance to put all the laziness aside and put ourselves to some productive use.

  1. Swimming:

Winters give us a chill everytime we think of even taking a bath, forget swimming. Summers on the other hand give us the perfect opportunity to swim and play in the rejuvenating waters of pools and rivers alike.

  1. Wear comfortable and stylish clothes:

Most of the girls solely like summers for this particular reason. Delhi summers are especially famous for delivering the best street style statements.

Saying goodbye to heavy clothing and bathing in the glory of sun with cool and comfortable clothes is one amazing feeling that Delhiites relish extremely.

  1. Eat Ice-cream and Chuski:

Ice-cream and chuski are the ‘hot’ favourites among Delhiites for their cooling aura and mouth-watering flavours.

From ice candies, kulfi to chocolaty scopes, ice-creams never fail to make us lick our fingers for good.

  1. Enjoying the summer fruits:

The king of fruits comes into existence in the glorious summers with varieties so large in number that the whole summer is less for consuming every kind.

And like Mango, a number of fruits like Watermelon, Muskmelon that ripe in the summers make it a rejoicing experience to have a delightful meal complimented with them.

With CoHo‘s air-conditioned bedrooms you need not worry about all the sweating. So welcome the sunny days with open eyes and open arms and rejoice in the glory of what summers have to offer.

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2 thoughts on “Summertime Happiness!

  1. You can drink lots of Shikanji and Sugarcane Juices….along with fruits you can drink the fruit juice which is so refreshing and also provides a great satisfaction to your taste buds…

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