Six Reasons Why You Should Apply to Daulat Ram College


Founded by a magnanimous personality and huge name in education, Late Shri Daulat Ram Gupta, Daulat Ram College has been holding its stand since 1960. As one of the first premier Delhi University constituent colleges, it is known for the bold set of students who gain a par excellent education within its campus.

Situated in North Campus, the college shifted from its former name of ‘Promila College’ and its original premises being called ‘Daulat Ram College’ in Roop Nagar in 1964. The shift enabled thousands of women from all over Delhi to experience the delightful Delhi University life that is ever so elusive! Given the charm of North Campus, it is undeniable that women should swoon all over a liberal environment that comes with the safe university space.

It is located close its sister constituent North Campus colleges. Daulat Ram College is in close vicinity to St. Stephen’s College, Miranda House, Hindu College, Hansraj College and the likes of these star DU colleges. Allow us to walk you through a few reasons why Daulat Ram College stands out.


  1. For your sporty spirit

If you’re one who doesn’t take laziness for a lifestyle, Daulat Ram College is ideal for you. You no longer need to drown your burdened head inside the worded pages of college notes alone! Fine refuge in the endless opportunities that the college has to offer to help maintain a balance between academics and sports. It would surprise many to find that the college was awarded by the Government of India the status of a ‘star college.’ Following the same, the college has continued to undergo deliberate changes to its training, academia and gym equipment – keeping up with the status, for sure!

The stellar women who go to Daulat Ram College don’t just lead the laurels board in Delhi University examinations, they also attend and win a gazillion tournaments in different sports. The versatility being offered in the form of facilities and athletic regard doesn’t go unnoticed by the world; Daulat Ram College was THE training venue for … drum rolls, please … the Commonwealth Games! Back in 2010, the college’s premises were used to train Rugby players.

Forget the gym you guys, it’s time to hit the ground and push your loved around in the dirt.Place-To-Rent-Near-North-Campus

  1. Co-curricular activities for respite

Daulat Ram College is a breeding ground for women with exceptional talent. With options varying from dramatics society, music society, debating and sports – the list keeps in check and upholds the Delhi University name. Women can choose not just from mainstream co-curricular societies in college, but the availability of N.S.S and N.C.C allow them to pick up something so brilliantly unconventional as well. March on, sister!

And for all your Dukh, heartache or just the want of a safe space, it would delight students to know that the college runs its own counseling center on campus. No problem of yours is worth going unheard, our dear reader. And Daulat Ram College materializes that thought to provide a wholesome college experience above and beyond its capacities.

Foreign language is offered to the students as an add-on course and certificate/diploma and advanced diploma. Moreover, similar courses are available in languages other than French: German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Chinese/ Japanese and Korean languages. Go all crazy!

There’s also an Inhouse skill development programme that helps student quip to the demands the world poses on their young shoulders. And to make sure that the feminism isn’t restricted to the faff of the crowd, there’s a Women Development Centre to promote overall development in all areas.

We’re definitely inclining toward a bias here with the brilliance this college is functioning on – phew!

  1. The Hostel

Lest you doubt our genuineness, let us tell you that we don’t foster any misconceptions about hostels being fun. BUT, this one is truly an exception. The intake capacity is crazy with almost 200 students, it is certainly one of the best under Delhi University. Forget about awful mess food, nudging wardens and annoying roommates. This one comes with a loving environment, lush green lawns, an air of equality and lots and lots of services that one can avail. With the bank being barely a few meters away, hostel life couldn’t be more convenient and hassle-free.

This updated hostel went through a process of renovation during the Commonwealth Games and today proudly offers a state of the art home to all the tragically homesick students who go to Daulat Ram College. And for hunger pangs and desperate taste buds, don’t forget, the drive to Hudson Lane is merely a few minutes away!


  1. The infrastructure

Fostering the unique array of academics and student life, the college building houses the expansion and modifications that come with each academic year. Built in the early 1960s, this building is home to many such students and professors who immerse themselves in the vibrancy of Daulat Ram College. One of the most equipped North Campus colleges, Daulat Ram College come with a separate block of tutorial rooms, laboratories for science subjects ( individual labs for botany, maths, physics, chemistry, etc.) and a grand seminar hall. Talk about education and technology coming together – classrooms are provided with LCD projectors!

a. The Library

It would be absolutely unjust to not talk about the college library while speaking of Daulat Ram College. And to help blow your mind a little; the air-conditioned library has almost 90,000 titles and subscriptions to its name! So go delve into a world far away from that of the idiot box. Find the scholar within to ace those annual exams and conferences; a shortage of course material shouldn’t be an excuse this point on. -sighs-


b. Computer Labs

With two computer labs, the internet facilities bring a sigh of relief to students staying outside the privileged realm of 24×7 connectivity. Especially beneficial for hostel going women, it’s a tiny aspect that goes a long way when it comes to assignment submission and research work! The machines are updated to Pentium and come with a connectivity to the Delhi University intranet facility. With over 60 computers in function, such an option comes in handy if you don’t have a laptop and require long hours in front of the screen to binge-watch or google papers.


  1. An Amphitheater (Rangshala) and the College Auditorium -Sadbhavana Bhawan

You cannot talk about a college campus without including the spaces students love spending the wee hours of the day at. The Rangshala, as it is called by people who go to Daulat Ram college, is a beautiful structure that students and professors adore! The newly renovated amphitheater is the stage that is exploited by the students day after day for the performing arts, protests, activities, dramatics and well, plain ol’ chilling. The amphitheater has witnessed and bolstered many a student come and leave and turn into remarkable women within a few years. Pick a glass of juice up and go enjoy the company of the talented in the Rangshala!


Working on the same idea but used rather formally, the college auditorium is another example of the college’s facilities. With a seating capacity of 1500, it is the ideal auditorium that goes with the demands of Delhi University cultural activities. From intra to inter-college events, Sadbhavana Bhavan is one of the most lit spaces on the Daulat Ram College campus.


  1. One of the Best Placement Cells

We all are well aware of the hassles that come with the pressing issue of placements. Undergraduate and postgraduate placements are not too bleak but aren’t exactly incentive enough for one to push their luck either. But it would delight you, young women, to know that Daulat Ram College placement cell is acing the job opportunities game for you! Everything from guidance and counseling, prospects, companies visiting campus and a bounty of information is available at the cell regardless of what time you present yourself at their doorstep. Empowerment isn’t a sound heard from yards away, it’s a bell that rings at the campus that promises its novices a bright future.

Addressing concerns of students for years now, it is an information center with a plethora of resources and contacts to hook you up with one of the best professional placements, both for a long-term career and a short-term internship training.  Working in tandem with the Central Placement Cell, University of Delhi, the college placement cell acts as an interface. It offers students a number of workshops and seminars, skill development options and recruitment drives.

Some of the hotshots that have visited Daulat Ram College in the past few years are: Ernst &Young, S&P Capital IQ, Wipro Technologies, Genpact, KPMG, HDFC – Life, IBS, Teach For India, Career Net, ICICI Prudential,, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy,, Aviva Life Insurance … The list is endless with a CTC ranging from 3 to 6 lacs per annum in varying fields.

All you need to do is live those bachelors years, build on your co-curricular and academics and let the North Campus name work its charm!


Enticing this, apart from the arduous hours spent at college campuses and libraries trying to get your grades right, there must come some respite in the form of home! understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.

We bring to you the best rooms in north campus to help facilitate what is going to be the best years of your life! Check out for a home away from home, and go take that walk down Hudson Lane, never miss a lecture again, and never worry about making it to the metro station before rush hours – knowing that you’re coming back to security and comfort.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Apply to Daulat Ram College
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Six Reasons Why You Should Apply to Daulat Ram College
Daulat Ram College is known for the bold set of students who gain a par excellent education within its campus.
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