Shit Mommy Says

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So here is a blog dedicated to our soothsayer, sugary sweet mothers. Watch out for Shit Mommy Says!

To girls:

  1. You are our home’s respect, please take each step very carefully.

When pressure comes from fathers, moms are often seen taking all the precautions that her little girl never crosses the line by constantly reminding her no boyfriend, no late nights, no drinks and of course no other shit.

  1. In future we have to get you married, please take each step carefully.

Hmm then the time comes to again take every step even more carefully when you grow up. For heaven’s sake when will the parents understand that this is 21st century and there is no such thing as arranged marriage.

  1. Ja Simran, jeele apne jindagi.

Finally the day comes after all the drama when mommy actually realises that getting married to the love of your life has no correlation with family respect whatsoever.

To boys:

  1. Khotte de puttar

Boys will always be boys and moms will never get tired of shouting at their sons for putting the clothes on bed, not shaving, coming home drunk and for an infinite number of other things.

  1. Mera lal, mera ladla

No matter how much moms shout at their sons, in the end they are her lifeline. For a mom a day doesn’t pass when her son doesn’t eat or sleep well and she tries everything in her power to make it right for him.

  1. When you get married, tell your wife that you love me more.

Even just for fun, but moms always say that to their sons. Moms have their insecurities and they often bite them, after all, in India she always looks forward to her son.

No matter what they say, they are the best buddies, life savers you will ever have and when you’re away from them, you miss her the most.

So save this day for your beautiful mothers and make her special by gifting her, taking her out for dinner or doing anything for her that she might like.

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4 thoughts on “Shit Mommy Says

  1. No matter what they say, no matter how they scold, they are the most beautiful ladies in every Child’s life. Whoever or whatever comes in line A MOM is always the priority. Sometimes we forget to show this love but it is always in our hearts

  2. when i come home early
    “Itni si der ke liye kya karne gaye the? kya kya karne lage ho?

    When i come home late
    “Itni der ke liye kahan gaye the? Kya kya karne lage ho?

    when i go out
    “Saaara din ghar ke bahar rehta hai, kabhi ghar e bhi reh liya kar”

    When i dont go out
    “Saara din ghar me baitha rehta hai, kabhi bahar bhi chala jaaya kar”

    Moral- “Mother is an entity that shall never be happy with what her son/daughter does”

  3. Here are other few to add to the list:
    -Don’t you get tired talking on the phone for so long?
    -If you don’t eat your tiffin, I am not cooking for you again!
    -Why is this so expensive? *Because it’s Nike* But its only a bathroom slipper!

  4. if that was said by anyone else in this world, I would consider it shit. mom bolti hai toh achha lagta hai.. 🙂 🙂

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