Shit Landlords Say

PG In Gurgaon

The most annoying part about a rental accommodation often turns out to be its annoying landlords. Well at CoHo we don’t have one but let’s take a fun ride in the conversations that take place between a landlord and a tenant.

  1. Give rent of one year in advance!

PG In Gurgaon

Dude, if I had that much to give, why I would have rented your room in the first place.

  1. Do you have a girlfriend?

Didn’t see this coming from my landlord. Should I ask him in rhetoric, does he have a wife?

  1. No alcohol allowed in the premises.

Hahaha. As if you’re ever going to get to know.

  1. Give water to my plants.


Do I look like a gardener? Hmm, well yeah but anyways I pay you for living here for Christ’s sake!

  1. Can you teach my kid math for a while, he is encountering some problems.

Of course, why not. For seeing this day only I worked so hard to gain a degree and a job!

  1. Late nights are not allowed. Better be there by 7:00 p.m.

Hmm if I didn’t want to stay out late night I would have taken a hostel rather than paying extra for your stupid guest rooms.

  1. No music allowed.

Firstly you tell me no late nights allowed. Where do you think I will have my dose of entertainment and booze if not in my room!

  1. No pets allowed.

PG In Gurgaon

Even if I get one it will make way less noise than you do.

Well now imagine a place without an annoying landlord. Looks appealing? Well, then CoHo is the right place for you. Find the best flats on rent in Gurgaon, flats on rent in Noida and flats on rent in Delhi with CoHo. Don’t just exist but start living!

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11 thoughts on “Shit Landlords Say

  1. One more very commonly used – “Ap to mere bete jaise ho..” will consider you like my son but won’t do anything to make your life simple.

  2. One is “We abide by all the rules. But rent to hamay cash may he chahiye and I would not be giving my PAN number” :p

  3. Whenever parents or family members visit, the landlords start speaking in a creepy and double meaning sentences.
    For example ” are aapka ladka to bohot busy rehta hai” ,”raat ko thaka hua late aata hai”, “weekend ko bhi kaafi logo se milta hai”. Jesus Christ man, why didn’t you just put a shotgun round in my head!!

  4. The best thing a tenant can expect while renting an accommodation is either a cool landlord or no landlord. But the question still remains is there anything called a cool landlord or is it just a myth?

    • This blog is just right on point. So many points match. Especially the 6th one, “No late nights allowed” ..My landlord used to say “Me raat me gate nai khoolungi” ..haha..
      I will definitely share this one with my pgmates

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