Shit ‘Bai’ Says!

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House helps have become essential for every day office goers. They are an important part of the household not just because of the work they do but the energy they lend to the house. But just like all of us even they have a few quirky and ridiculous habits that would be fun to chart out:

  • ‘You always keep your room so dirty’ – She forgets that had you been an organized clean person you wouldn’t have hired her in the first place. But well, nothing stops her from pointing out exactly how much she needs you.
  • ‘Can’t come today, my uncle died’ – She would make you wish you had her family tree up on your wall so that you could slash out relatives as they die, sometimes twice.
  • ‘Help me with my phone’ – Strange how she has a new phone every two months and as you help her navigate through her fancy device you look at your three year old junk and sigh.
  • Randomly shoots into singing a regional song – If you find yourself humming a flashy and catchy regional song at your work place you know exactly where it is coming from.
  • ‘Switch off the fan’ – You could be on the other side of the room and the switchboard could be right next to her and she will still make you get up and switch off the fan so she can wield her broomstick.
    She has already divided the housework in her head and she will always make you do your bit.
  • Endless gossip – She would sometimes call over her friends from other households and they will have lengthy animated conversations about everything under the sun.
    After you are done getting irritated, about which she does not give a single hoot, you will inevitably find yourself getting interested.
  • ‘A new family has shifted two floors down’ – They probably know your neighbours more than you do and their networking capacity would put any corporate house to shame.

Humour aside, it is extremely easy to establish a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between the employer and the house help if both parties approach the transaction with the right attitude.

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3 thoughts on “Shit ‘Bai’ Says!

  1. Always scolding about the room not being cleaned..What do you keep on doing with your clothes that it become so dirty?? And then their endless excuses for not turning up..They are of a different breed altogether and their gossips never end whether you are willing to listen or not..

  2. Always scolding about the room not being cleaned..What do you keep on doing with your clothes that it become so dirty?? And then their endless excuses for not turning up..

  3. i think my domestic helper has come to terms with the fact that no matter how long she nags or complains, I am not going to change my ways. now she just avoids mentioning the cleanliness at my place altogether. Instead, she has found another way of nagging. She mentions constantly about how i leave my doors open and lights are on for 0.000000005 seconds longer than they are supposed to be. but i have seriously no idea the amount of mess i would be in if she wasn’t there to basically take care of he entire house.

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