Setting Out for College!

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College is a turning point in every individual’s life. Our lifestyle before college is mostly navigated by our family but college is a carnival of reckless abandon. These changes could be because of the choices we make when met with the freedom that college life offers or just consequences of a complete lack of adult guidance.

No matter what the reason the life we lead in college life becomes deeply etched in our memories. The late night phone calls, cramming sessions two hours before the exam and all the other absurd shenanigans are remembered years down the line with a playful smile.

So here are a few lifestyle changes that possibly every college student will encounter

  1. Regular bathing, did no college student ever – College students can at least be credited with saving the most water, by showering in deodorants.
    Taking regular baths is like hotmail, everyone knows it exists but no one ever makes the effort to try it. Unless you are crushing over somebody then you’d probably bathe thrice a day.
  2. Another day, another hair style – Clothes and hair suddenly become not accessories on the body but an important aspect of identity and self expression.
    If you flip through your college pictures and do not find yourself making different ‘style statements’ in every picture then you probably shouldn’t have gone to college at all.
  3. Binging – Excess is a crucial part of college life. One finds oneself binging on food, tv series and even sleep.
    Freedom in college expresses itself most poignantly in these moments of absurd overindulgence.
  4. Losing things – Keeping things organized is the last thing on one’s mind when there are so many interesting things to do.
    As a consequence you’ll find yourself spending hours looking for your admit card, your pen and even your course book a night before the exam.
  5. Clean clothes – Clothes clothes everywhere but none to wear is a chant that every college student is familiar with.
    You will always wonder how clothes you haven’t worn for ages are dirty, well you will have to look at your messed up cupboard for the answer, but you’ll be too busy hunting for a clean t-shirt to ponder over the matter.

Funny as these lifestyle changes are, one does get irritated of a life that is disorganized. When that happens, look for a CoHo house where all your everyday needs like laundry, housekeeping and household repairs are taken care of so that you can look forward to wearing clean clothes everyday.
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2 thoughts on “Setting Out for College!

  1. College life somehow gives you a freedom where when you are away from the family you tend to do all those things you have always wanted to…I can really relate with the style statement parts and Cleaning clothes…Was kinda nostalgic while reading this…

  2. You ask every college student about their experience in college and you will have as many answers. College is a wonderful place if you want it to be and your worst nightmare if you choose to do so. Whatever your mindset, you surely turn out to be a lot wiser than when you started your journey. Seriously, at least you get to learn about new hairstyles!

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