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Most of us have sat around with friends and wondered what to do on a free day. Especially in a place like Gurgaon where everyone is so spoilt for options that nothing conclusive can be reached. People nowadays are especially anxious about not wasting time website hopping.

What’s Up Gurgaon addresses this quandary with its database of diverse options in Gurgaon for everything from shopping destinations to wellness centres.

With separate sections for shopping, dine-out, stay, party, leisure, events, wellness, community and yellow pages the website offers possibilities not only to those who have recently moved into the city but those who need to find information for a variety of purposes.

The website not only allows access to Gurgaon’s social and cultural life but also guides the viewer through spaces of everyday necessity. It offers easily navigable listings with succinct descriptions to allow viewers to make convenient choices.

The website is your one click answer to all the information you’ll ever need as a resident of Gurgaon. While CoHo takes care of its inhabitant’s needs inside the house, its privilege partner What’s Up Gurgaon will ensure that you know your way around outside of it.

Stay updated with Gurgaon’s social and cultural life with What’s Up Gurgaon so that the next time a friend asks you ‘what are you upto?’

you have an answer that will make them want to join you. Connect with and find best flats on rent in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi.


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  1. The website CoHo is a great website primarily becasue it helps people finding new homes especially for young millennials and it becomes a huge headache for people moving in.. Also it has other VAS by tying up with special partners and giving more benefits to the consumers

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