Roommate Pranks That Always Work

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Ways to be on the Bad End of a Good Prank


What would be better than putting toothpaste between them Oreos for your buddy’s sweet tooth? All you need is Oreos, toothpaste and a knife. Lick/scrape out the vanilla cream and spread toothpaste on the Oreos and stick them together like the way they were.


Well, perks of being an Indian. We would not have to take ‘this’ walk of shame.


Try the evergreen prank!

Hide in your roommate’s closet and wait for him/her to come back. Keep waiting.
As soon as they come back, let them chill for a while and BAM! Scare the life out of them.


If your roommate loves sleep more than anything then this one is for you. Hide 10 alarm clocks in their room with the most disturbing sounds at different intervals of time starting from 2 AM. Keep them rolling. Even Satan would not do that, so you win!

Alarm Clock

Break up with your roommate.
How great would it be to give a mini heart attack to your roommate? Tell them that you do not want to live with them anymore because they are smelly and dirty.

Tell them that they are messy pigs and leave all their clothes all over the apartment (and that you like their elder sister).
The look on their faces will be worth an Oscar.


With these easy and funny tricks you are ready to become a prankster! Find the best flats on rent in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida at and fool around with your awesome roomies!


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3 thoughts on “Roommate Pranks That Always Work

  1. One more thing that is pretty common is clicking pics when they are not so in their right moments..You get a chance to blackmail them and then get things done according to you..One more staff is locking the bathroom from outside and switching off the lights and let them scream…

  2. my favorite one is i replace the shampoo in their bottles to body lotion and wait for the incoming horror the exact moment they realize it. Though my roommates have got me back good by replacing mayonnaise with cream. Saturday morning’s were never this much fun! *Drowning in a flood of sarcasm*

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