Roommate Lessons To Learn From Star Wars

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Star Wars is a saga of human emotions, passion and conflict. No wonder it appeals to everyone regardless of age, gender or nationality. But there are also some lessons that Star Wars teaches you that can help you become a better roommate.

  1. From Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader, everybody has a story to tell – Sometimes you might not understand why your roommate responds in a certain way, but guess what you are not supposed to.
    But what you do need to do is talk to them about it, listen to their side of the story because you’ll never be kind unless you learn to put yourself in your roommate’s shoes.
  2. Even Princess Leia needed help – No matter how strong, independent and powerful you are it’s always better to ask for help when you need it.
    Do not be afraid to show your vulnerabilities to your roommate because nothing creates a strong bond than a sense of camaraderie.
  3. The R2 D2 perspective – Never judge your roommate for their pet peeves, their habits or their culture. Accept them for whoever they are and try to enjoy whatever they offer.
  4. Yoda was flawed too – Always accept your mistakes, it allows the other person to trust your sense of judgment and have faith in you. Do not let ego come in the way of honesty.
  5. Unpaid debts killed Luunim – Always keep money matters clear. Jot down all finances in a diary and pay all your debts in time.

So, watch Star Wars and learn to forge a companionship with your roommate that is as strong as the power of force.
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3 thoughts on “Roommate Lessons To Learn From Star Wars

  1. I have been out of my home since class 10 and I have had many room partners..I could relate with each one of the points mentioned.Things should be absolutely transparent between you and your roommate to have a healthy living otherwise a hell lot of problem creeps up..

  2. one amazing lesson i have learned being with star wars is that if you don’t keep clearing out all the small nibbles and nuisances of the daily lives, it manifests into one big colossal storm which unleashes itself in the form of a death star and planets are wiped from existence !

  3. I am definitely going to share this with my roommate.
    It is always fun to share a room with someone who respects you and accepts you the way you are.

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