7 Ridiculous things to expect from a DU Roommate!

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Staying with people from well acknowledged universities can sound exciting. You will find yourself looking forward to stories of their life in college.

But no matter what the institution all individuals have their touch of ridiculous and here are some that you would find if your roommate is from DU.

  1. Cut-off obsession – You will constantly find them going down the rickety memory lane when they tell you their percentage in 12th class and how they missed SRCC by 0.01 percentage.
    They will also always have a mental list of the colleges whose cut off they met and end up with why their college is still the best.
  2. Fest Season – You will find them particularly excited about the college fests as they make color coordinated charts of dates and celebrities who will arrive in various DU fests.
  3. DUSU Elections – They will never run out of gossip and long forgotten absurd tales of the DUSU elections.
    Their tales always beginning with ‘Did I tell you about that guy who was abducted two days before the elections?’
  4. Movies in DU – They will have watched all movies shot in DU atleast thrice and you cannot watch those movies without them launching their fingers at the TV screen to tell you about that little shack in the background that they also hang out at.
  5. DU Stereotypes – They will tell you about the stereotypes associated with the individuals of each college, invariably missing out on their own.
    The stories of existing cold wars between different colleges will get you glued beside yourself.
  6. Always late for class – They will always be late for class and run to college as if they really give two hoots about their lectures.
    You will also find them spending atleast 2 hours every night calling up their CRs and teachers to manipulate the timetable, because why go for a GT when you can systematically make all your lectures disappear.
  7. Food walks – They will take you on long walks through winding streets and narrow lanes to find a tarpaulin covered eating joint that serves the perfect chaai magi or momos.
    With a Du-ite in tow you will never have to worry about finding cheap and good food.
  8. Listicle every DUite should read – They will ravenously read all listicles and articles written on DU.
    You will find their pupils dilating and their face inching closer to the screen as soon as they find any piece of information with DU in the title.

Every institution offers unparalleled experiences and inscribes itself differently on the personality of each individual.
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3 thoughts on “7 Ridiculous things to expect from a DU Roommate!

  1. I am not a DU student and never been in DU before..But the points mentioned here were hilarious and funny and it was a good read altogether..

  2. Reminds me of one of my friends, though not my roommate. constantly used to nag around and complain about how every other college/institute is just somehow not the same level as DU and the college itself is the best on the planet. when even ignoring the person did not work, i started to agree with whatever was said and by god’s grace it stopped. The monster had been slain!

  3. I have friends in DU and yes they always talk about how life is at DU. It is different and most of the times stereotyped.
    Elections are something they literally put their heart and soul in.
    Having a DU roommate is an altogether different experience.

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