Reasons Why Deshbandhu College Is The Place To Be



Standing tall and mighty, Deshbandhu College is located in one of the prime hep locations of Delhi, namely, Kalkaji! Kalkaji is near Nehru Place and boy is it a sprawling area for the young and free! If there is fun, freedom to learn and a heartwarming college and campus one is looking for, then Deshbandhu fits the profile perfectly!

Deshbandhu is an affiliation of the widely known Delhi University family. It was established shortly after the country rejoiced in freedom and Independence, 1952; and is named after braveheart freedom fighter Deshbandhu Gupta. A proud and rich history is what the college is associated with and that is what one feels right as you enter through the gates of Deshbandhu College.

The college shares some of its infrastructure and facility with the Ramanujan College which is also a constituent college with the University of Delhi. The advantages of which would include more students, a better interaction with various faculty and greater space for the students to utilize.

There is a reason why Deshbandhu college hosts and caters to over 2000 students and it is not only the Science, Arts, and Commerce stream offerings, but the after college enjoyment options close to the college. Nehru place has a lot to offer for the youngsters that go there. Be it the celebration of an achievement or stress-busting during exams. The proximity of the college to hotspots in and around Nehru Place enhances the student life as a whole. Allow us to introduce this marvel of a college:

1. Mind Blowing Facility

Let’s fall in complete awe of this college; giving you the first reason to get in line to check this college out: The Facilities! Sharing a campus with the Ramanujan College, Deshbandhu has an abundance of space and a progressive infrastructure which is easily accessible and utilized by the students. Multiple administrative blocks for each department gives students their own space to explore and grow.

Deshbandhu has some green and beautiful gardens and lawns that are carefully and continuously curated giving anyone who walks in, a serene environment to peacefully work and accentuate the process of learning. The students have a plethora of options to choose from, to spend their time after class.

The students have been provided a functional gymnasium, various common rooms, and a large library for the ardent readers and everyone who enjoys peace in a literature and knowledge filled Library. The college has everything on offer for any creative mind and passion that the students have or work for, it is the perfect example of a college providing wholesome education.

2. The irreplaceable Epicuria

What does Deshbandhu college do for your typical ‘after college’ escapades? Gives you only the most amazing place in college to hang out and completely relax! Epicuria Mall is one of the largest malls in The Delhi NCR region and one will find a lot of the  Delhi University South Campus students spending most of their post lectures time here.

The Mall is known to be a famous food mall and it is here that one can find food and flavors of various cuisines and extensive menus for the students to treat their taste buds and tend to that constant hunger!

After working on their grades, students often can be seen practicing and enjoying their dance moves. Listen to some soul-shattering music at the popular clubs Epicuria has to offer, like the ‘Lord of the Drinks’ and other buzzing places like ‘Social.’ What more can one ask for? A progressive college environment followed by the perfect getaway to let some steam off afterward!


3. The Co-Curriculars

The Cultural society at Deshbandhu College is one of the more prolific ones in the Delhi University family. They have various sub-societies that cater to the many sections of education and performing arts. These societies take part in numerous competitions and over the years, Deshbandhu College has been raking in a lot of laurels for the same.

The Drama Society at this college is divided into two parts- One that prepares and performs in Stage Dramatics and the other that performs the famed street plays.

They call their Art Society The ‘Art Meisters’ and they do have some brilliant creative work on display. It is amazing how creative and mind-boggling young minds and artists can be!

The studious gang of Deshbandhu College is not far behind. ‘Coherence’ is an annual physics fest hosted by the Physics Society group which is name ‘Physica.’ The yearly fest ‘SamuchYum’ is hosted by the Mathematics Society.

The one notable Society though is the Debate Society of Deshbandhu College. They formally called themselves ‘Dialecticians.’ Dialecticians have been gaining popularity over the years as they have been debating on thought-provoking topics and have been presenting their views in unique and refreshing manners. This coupled with their numerous victories and trophies is a reassurance that they worth a listen.




4. Sabrang

The annual fest hosted by Deshbandhu College, Sabrang, is a spectacle in itself! From various societies performing from within the college to performers and artists coming from outside for the amusement and liking of students show up in large numbers. Sabrang is well known for its music and upbeat mood that the said music sets you in.

What is the best way to complement a college fest hosting somebody playing ear numbingly beautiful music? Some mouth-watering food!

Yes, you got that right. Along with various live performances and shows keeping the students busy, the college stalls offer some delicious fast food to go along the afternoon, keeping the mind and tummy happy. Sabrang is one of the most adored fests that Delhi University students look forward to.


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Reasons Why Deshbandhu College Is The Place To Be
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Reasons Why Deshbandhu College Is The Place To Be
if there is fun, freedom to learn and a heartwarming college and campus one is looking for, then Deshbandhu College fits the profile perfectly.
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