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With the wave of startups coming across the world, the formal attire that was once stringently followed across corporations is on a decline.

The digital nomads and millennials are coming up with cool avatars to change the dress code for the better good. So let’s take a closer look at what all changes have come across in the dressing style of young professionals!

  1. From shirt to T-shirt:

The properly ironed without crease formal shirts are a thing of the past, young professionals like it cool and comfortable. The T-shirts provide the ultimate bliss here.

  1. From tie to no tie:

In movies we have often seen how professionals out of tiredness and frustration loosened their ties. Today’s generation doesn’t have to worry about this hassle. Rather than loosening it everytime, they prefer to eliminate it completely.

  1. From formal shoes to sneakers:

Startup roles are not 9 to 5 desk jobs and demands flexibility, sneakers provide the ultimate haven for millennials here as it gives them a sporty feeling which helps in boosting confidence to do multitasking.

  1. From coats to hoodies:

Formal coats to wear every now and then during winters was often considered cumbersome. The constant feel of something hanging by the shoulders can got annoying sometimes.

Huddies changed this trend forever by giving a comfortable attire and at the same time something to cover up your head without looking stupid.

  1. From watch to smart watch:

The Rados and Titans are a thing of the past. It’s time for smart watches which acts as the perfect digital gadget to organise multiple tasks in a moment and of course to watch out for time.

  1. From dupatta to no dupatta:

Why should boys have all the fun. Girls can be seen wearing comfy kurti and jeans. The sometimes irritating dupatta that is a struggle to carry for many girls is no longer needed as a necessity.

So as this transformation takes shape around India, gel in the cool avatar and live life like a boss!’s coliving spaces provide you with a community that is like-minded in their approach towards the changing dynamics across work and living.

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2 thoughts on “From Formal To Informal

  1. Also you can listen to music and do your work at the same time which also releases your stress and increase your productivity…It also gives a friendly atmosphere to work..

  2. Coming of startups has changed the work environment altogether.
    You can have flexible working hours and your work peers become your best friends.

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