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Why Join One Gym When You Can Join Them All!

PlankApp: A passport for unlimited access to the best network of gyms & fitness classes around you.

These days working professionals are becoming more and more health conscious. With the 9 to 5 desk work and go home sleep culture showing a declining trend as startups take momentum in the Indian economy, today’s youth is much more inclined to work in a dynamic and flexy hours environment.

At the same time, they demand a good routine to maintain their fitness levels. To meet this demand, a number of competitive gyms are opening up in every nook and corner in Delhi NCR.

With time constraints, it often becomes difficult to choose which one is the best and in the end you are left with a hard choice to make.

CoHo’s Privilege Partner PlankApp is one amazing initiative which strives to provide you best of all worlds when it comes to fitness. It is a fitness enabler, a passport to your favourite gyms and classes.

PlankApp provides you with:

1. Unlimited Access
To all gyms, group classes, boot camps & activities.

2. Unlimited Usage
Attend any gym, studio or class as much as you want each month.

3. No Commitment
No lock-in. No yearly contracts. Cancel anytime you want.

4. Easy to Use
Search, book and go. Use any partner location across the network or use them all!

Sounds interesting? So sign-up, book the class/gym of your choice and you’re good to go.

You can walk into any gym you choose and kick-off your routine by simply showing the app. Share the app with your friends and get a bonus money in your wallet as well!

To avail the best offers from our privilege partners, switch to CoHo now and get the best flat and flatmates in GurgaonDelhi or Noida!


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One thought on “PlankApp + CoHo = #BetterLiving

  1. I didn’t know much about this App. But it sounds really interesting and it might be of a great help to people who wants to stay fit and healthy..

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