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Colleges- Maitreyi, sri venkateshwar,Kamala Nehru, Jesus and Mary;Best Areas- Hauz khas Village, Saket, Anand Lok (Diggin cafe), Chankyapuri; Hangout spots- Select City Walk, Moonshine Cafe, Hauz khas Social, Diggin, Big Yellow Door; Things to do- Shop at sarojini, dine out at various cafes in satya niketan, go partying in Hauz khas village; Safety- one of the safest areas in delhi; Commute- Delhi metro, E-rickshaws, Uber/Ola cabs.


Well developed, classy, posh,rich. These are a few adjectives that crop up in the mind when somebody mentions south campus. And rightly so. One of the most well developed and classy areas of delhi, south delhi has earned itself quite a reputation for being a home to a lot of well-to-do people. So naturally, their lifestyle reflects as much.

When people talk about a few of the best colleges in the Delhi University, the north campus as well as the south campus are usually the prime choices. The most reputed of these colleges in the south campus include

  • Sri venkateshwar college
  • Shaheed bhagat singh college
  • Jesus and mary college
  • Kamala nehru college
  • Motilal nehru college
  • Maitreyi college

It is also one of the safest areas in delhi to live in. thousands of students from all over India travel to delhi to take admission in the delhi university, which is considered one of the best universities in india. Both the graduation as well as the post graduation courses it offers area quite amazing and can launch your career like a rocket ship.


The south campus is desirable by thousands of aspirants. And for good reason. The exposure that you get here is immense and the kind of crow that you hangout with, inevitably, grooms your personality. This is an important aspect of every college nowadays. This is because now the organizations that come looking for potential candidates for their companies look for way more than just good grades. They look for a complete package, which means that a student needs to have a really good and attractive personality and should indulge in activities other than purely academic ones. And the south campus offers all this and more.


But moving to a new city or even moving out of your homes in the same city can be a challenging task.especially for the youngsters freshly out of schools. This is because there is a lot of anxiety about the living arrangements, unfamiliar territories, travel issues. Basically everything that is unfamiliar or uncertain. But it can also be a really good thing. Getting that kind of exposure can instill a lot of self confidence and make you a bit street smart as well, which is crucial in the real world. Staying away from home turns you into responsible adults because you have to take care of every need of yours.

And while all this sounds really amazing on paper, it can be a little challenging if you do not know the right way to go about it. So let us talk about some of the indispensable things for when you plan to move to Delhi.


First and foremost is deciding a place to live. When you are moving away from home, it is of utmost importance that you find a place that you can call your new home. Therefore, it needs to be comfortable and well equipped. In this respect, there are a lot of places near the south campus that are open to paying guests. Boys PGs as well as Girls PGs can be found relatively easily in the area. You can always go online and search for PGs in the nearby areas. There are some organizations as well that are dedicated to helping bachelors look for their ideal places in delhi. And simply finding a flat is not enough. You need to make sure that it is a fully furnished place and also well connected. Looking around for basic amenities after moving to a new place is a huge hassle. It is best if the students look for a place that already has those. You can easily find a fully furnished 1BHK or 2BHK near the delhi university south campus. These places are affordable and very practical in terms of amenities and other needs that a young adult might have.


Once you are done deciding the kind of accommodation that you want, you also need to check out the travel options. The south campus in delhi is well connected to the delhi metro network. And so it is fairly easy to travel anywhere in delhi. Moreover, it is the most economical way to travel comfortably across long distances in delhi. Other than this, buses and e rickshaws are also a convenient option.


Now the other, just as important but often overlooked, factor is the proximity to the market. It is very important because it can get very tiring to scale long distances for every little item. The south campus is located near satya niketan market. You can get more or less all you need from here. A couple of other markets are sarojini nagar and south extension market.

This brings us to the point that is considered the most important and exciting by the youngsters. The hangout spots. If there is one place that will never disappoint in this regard, it is south delhi.

Hauz khas is really close by and hauz khas village is the hub of hangout spots. These spots range from regular eateries and cafes to pubs and discs to lunges and shopping areas.


Apart from these, there is select city mall in saket that is really close by and is a popular place for all the brand conscious people out there. The Ambience mall in gurgaon isn’t that far via metro either.  Hangout at BYD and other such eateries in satya niketan or shop from the street peddlers in sarojini, south campus offers you a plethora of choices and all you need to do is revel in the experience.

So now that you’re a pro at the South campus itineraries, let’s hope you have a fun filled stay in Delhi.


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