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Nearby areas: Golf course road, DLF cyber city, Vatika business park, suncity business park; Prominent Organizations: Blackrock, deloittes, price water coopers, ernst & Young, expedia, dentsu; Hangout spots: cyber hub, ambience mall, Mgf Mall, Kingdom of dreams; famous restaurants: social, sutra, soi 7, the dhaba; nearby roads: NH248A; modes of transport: Delhi metro train services, Buses, Ola and uber cab services, Shuttl app services; cafes: Starbucks, theobroma, cafe coffee day


Whenever we talk about a few of the up and coming hubs in gurugram, be it industrial or residential, sohna road is a locality that crops up in every such conversation. With some really great offices and residential areas, coupled with the ongoing construction projects to improve this area even more, this place is becoming one of the prime locations for young office goers. But first let us talk about gurugram and then we can come back to sohna road and how it fits in the entire picture.

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Gurgaon, now also know as gurugram, lies technically in haryana and is a part of the delhi national capital region. It is one of the fastest growing cities in india, which can be credited to the vas number of corporates cropping up in and around this place. Work and development go hand in hand. And gurugram is a home of a lot of huge names like deloitte, expedia, dentsu, ogilvy and mathers and many more such companies. So it is natural that people would look for places to live near these places and that would, in turn, lead to a rise in the demand and development of such infrastructure. You will also find a very diverse crowd over here as every year, thousands of people from all  over india come into this town to either look for a job or to work at the job that they recently acquired. And therefore, it only makes sense for these people to find a place to live near their respective places of work.

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Now coming back to sohna road, as discussed above, it is one of the most up and coming localities in gurgaon in terms of workplaces as well as residential areas. With more that 15 schools, restaurants, hospitals, banks, etc, it is a very viable place to live. It even has grocery stores and and petrol pumps as these are the basic amenities if people want to live here. Speaking of connectivity, it is a mere 12 km away from NH-248A, 17 kms from the railway station and 24 km from the rajiv gandhi international airport. This makes it really convenient for people whose jobs include travelling frequently for work.

It has some really huge and beautiful apartments like vipul greens apartments and many such more that people could live, either families or bachelors alike. The companies in sohna road includes reputed names such as Canara HSBC, convergys, xerox and many more.

Now all this information begs a very obvious question of how to get here. And the most popular answer would be the advice to use the vast delhi metro network. It is cheap as well as quite efficient. This is because the delhi metro is not bugged by the same issues such as traffic, that has plagued the other forms of road transport. Therefore, if you are running late for work, then metro would be ideal for longer distances, especially during the peak office hours. Another mode of conveyance could be the ola and uber cab services. These are a little more expensive as compared to the delhi metros, however they provide the doorstep pick and drop services. For more economical rides, you can go for the pool services provided by these cab companies, however, it is not recommended if you are going to office because they might take longer. Alternatively, you can also use buses. There is an amazing app called shuttle which has been providing comfortable and cheap transport options to the office goers.


Now that brings us to a very crucial discussion about where to live. Since we have already established in the above discussions that a lot of the working population in gurugram might not actually be from this place, but would have moved in from other cities for their respective jobs, it is quite evident that they would need suitable accomodations to live in. the most sensible thing to do in this case would be to find an accommodation near their respective places of work. This will help you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on travelling to and fro from the offices.


One of the major concerns in this area would be if the said accommodation would be in your price range. Do not worry just yet. There are some organizations that have a staff that dedicates itself to helpng the hopeful home seekers in connecting with their ideal homes. One such company is coho. And the process is very simple too. All you need to do is go on their site and raise a query by entering the location that you want to find a home in, which in this situation, would be sohna road. an executive would contact you promptly and guide you through the entire process until you are ready to move in. these flats are fully furnished and come packed with all the amenities that you may need. They even come with xbox and pool tables to hell you drive away that stress after work. And you can put your concerns about the affordability to rest as well. These flats are very affordable, especially if you consider the services that they come with.


It is also surrounded by great places to hang out at. Cyber hub is not too far away and is located very close to a lot of workplaces in the cyber city. You will find a lot of people coming here to chill after their has some of the very famous restaurants such as social, the dhaba, soi 7, sutra, and many more.


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