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Colleges– ramjas, St stephens, hindu, SRCC; Hangouts- BYD, Woodbox cafe, cafeteria & co. ,QDs. ; things to do- shop at street markets and branded stores, try different cuisines as well as the amazing street food;Commute options– Metro, auto, uber/ola cabs. ; safety- really safe,student dominant area.



When you ask around about few of the most popular places in delhi, North campus would definitely crop up on that list! And why not? It is a hub of students in the heart of delhi and throbbing with culture and everything that the youngsters revel in.

The north campus is packed with hang out spots where the the college kids can usually be spotted with their squads after classes. Everyday seems like a weekend here.


Maybe that is because a lot of the students are not originally from delhi but have travelled in from different cities to study in the famed Delhi University and make a great career for themselves. It is all about starting right and for that the right college is very important. And it doesn’t get much better than the delhi university. Especially for your bachelor’s degree.


And so, it is for this very reason that the place is also bustling with affordable accomodation.

You can find boys PG as well as Girls PG in the nearby areas with considerable ease.

Moreover, the north campus is the house of a few of the best colleges of the Delhi University! Every year thousands of students work really hard to get into these colleges. The exposure that these institutes offer is unrivaled and also a great addition to the student’s own skill set. And let us not forget, you need to be in a campus to get that complete student life experience.

A few of the most well known colleges are-

  • Hindu college
  • Sriram College of Commerce
  • Ramjas college
  • St. Stephen’s college


So what exactly is it that students look for when they look for when looking for a PG?

Well a few things are a bit obvious. Being young and full of life, every student wants to live in an area that has great places to chill at. In that department, the north campus meets every expectation. The hudson lane near the campus is practically lined with eateries and cafes. A few of the most popular ones are the Big Yellow Door, Woodbox cafe, cafeteria and co, Qds, and a few more.


Not only this, Delhi is famous for its extravagant and versatile food palette and so it is no surprise that the place also offers an amazing variety of street food. The students practically survive on this considering the meager pocket money we get at that age.


Another thing that is just as important is the feasibility of the commute. Students need easily accessible, efficient and cheap modes of transport. This problem is effectively solved by the vast network of metro trains across delhi, as well as the cheap E-Rickshaws that take you to them. A couple of metro stations- namely GTB nagar metro station and Vishwavidyalaya metro station- are even at a walking distance from some . Apart from these, the Uber and Ola services have made travel pretty easy and affordable.


That being said, accessibility to the market is very crucial too. As youngsters, our needs are unlimited and having a market place nearbuy can satiate a lot of those needs. The Kamla nagar market near the north campus is just a rickshaw ride away. It is a hub of street shops as well as brand outlets. It is a perfect amalgamation of affordable shopping and brand scouting.

Now, coming to the most important factor that contributes to the students actually living here.

Affordable and furnished flats. You cannot expect a young adult right out of school to fend for himself in a completely new city where they know absolutely no one. It is hard enough living away from home for the first time. But furnishing a flat with necessities is a whole other ordeal.


Luckily enough, a lot of entrepreneurs understand this need and there is a wide variety of properties that accept paying guests. Boys PG as well as Girls PG comes furnished with all the necessities that a person may need, starting from basic furniture like beds, cupboards and air conditioners to utensils and other amenities.


While these are a great option, some youngsters might need the feel to live a little more independently since PGs might have certain restrictions. That is where the independent flat option comes in handy. There are some facilities that offer independent flats at affordable prices.

These flats come in 1BHK, 1RK, etc and are fully furnished to meet all the requirements of the people living there. These arrangements have made it very easy for the students coming in from all over india to have a little home in delhi. Plus it is also a great experience as they transition into the adulthood and live independently while supporting themselves.


And last but very far from least, the safety factor. It is very natural for the parents to worry about the safety of their kids. Well, putting their suspicions at ease is fairly easy because the north campus is a pretty safe area and is all about the student environment. You can see the students frequently going for evening strolls around the area and the place is buzzing with students till later in the evenings.


So to all of you aspiring future leaders out there, now you know exactly what you need to look for while looking for a college or while thinking of moving to Delhi for your future endeavors. While it may look a bit scary at first, there are a lot of facilities here as well as people who can help you out. And it is all just a click away too. Just go online and search for affordable living arrangements in delhi or PGs in whichever areas you think you are going to stay and i’m sure you will be able to get all the help you need. The websites like and more are dedicated to helping out youngsters find a suitable living space.

And with that, let us wish you luck and success for your future ventures and adventures.

Jai Rai

A happy go lucky guy.

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