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Best areas- MG,Road, IFFCO Chowk, Cyber Hub,Sector 29, MG Road, Sector 23; Hangout Spots- TGIF,Cyber Hub (The Wine Company, Social, Imperfecto), Sector 29 Market, Taco Bell, The Dhaba; Things to do- Shopping at Ambience, visit KOD,go dancing, gaming;Commute- Delhi Metro, Cabs, Autos;Safety- quite safe due to a diverse working population and availability of transport.


One of the most up and coming places in delhi ncr? Well, that Gurgaon for you! Ideally situated in haryana, it is considered a part of National capital region and is developing at a great speed. It is increasingly becoming a hub of a lot of large organizations. Every month, hundreds of people travel to delhi and gurgaon either for their jobs or to seek a job. Either way, there is no denying the fact that gurgaon is the new corporate hub. And while delhi has so many options to chill, do not underestimate gurgaon. It offers a wide range of places to visit. But we will get into that later in this discussion. First let us start with how to get to it.


This is fairly easy. The Delhi Metro network has come as a boon to the residents of Delhi NCR, making trave so easy and efficient. It is also less time consuming as you get to avoid all the traffic and traffic lights. If you are planning to go to gurgaon, you will need to take the yellow line metro (from samaypur badli to huda city centre). Huda city centre is the one where you get off. Alternatively, you can also get off at MG Road station, depending on where in gurgaon you want to go.


After reaching huda city centre, there are various economical modes of transport to travel within the region. These include sharing autos, normal autos, sharing cabs,etc. You can also choose to travel via uber and ola cabs and autos. Uber moto is one of the most widely used services here.

You will find that quite a few offices are located very close to Huda city centre. And a lot more are located in cyber city.


There are also some really good MBA colleges in gurgaon such as MDI and IBS Gurgaon. A lot of companies visit these campuses to look for prospective candidates for the vacancies in their companies. So inevitably, the place is crawling with the working population as well as the potential working population.

This leads to the rising need of affordable housing in the area. And gurgaon is meeting them just fine. A lot of corporate workers as well as students look for PGs near their workplaces and colleges respectively. You can find a range of Boys PGs as well as Girls PGs. These come in various price ranges to suit your individual requirements as well as your budget constraints.


Furthermore, you can also go for fully furnished individual flats if you want to avoid the restrictions that the pgs pose. There are certain organizations that help you find out your kind of place at reasonable prices. These are private flats that come in 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK and so on. You can select the flat of your choice near your place of work or study. This also helps you to save a bunch of money on the commute to and from the office.


These places are also extensively furnished and all you need to do is walk in with your luggage. You will find all the amenities you need here including WiFi, utensils, air conditioners and more. This is very important to the young working population, since most of them are living away from their homes and prefer not to spend time on running after basic requirements. Some flats and PGs also come with cooks. This saves a lot of time on cooking after coming from office and before going to work. It is also much cheaper and healthier than ordering in every time.

Now let us talk about stressbusters. After a hectic week at work, every person needs to blow off some steam. And gurgaon has something for everyone.

You can hit the malls at MG Road or if you really want the whole shopping mall experience, you really need to go to the Ambience mall in gurgaon. It offers you various high end brands and a range of restaurants to satiate the cravings of your taste buds. Or you can just chill at starbucks or one of the various other amazing coffee places. And when you get tired of shopping, and believe me you will, you can go for a round of bowling and other games at the gaming arcade! It is basically a place you can go to spend a whole day.


Apart from this, the sector 29 market in gurgaon is a hub of really great pubs and lounges. Of course you do get your daily dose of CCDs and Dominos there too. But the main attraction of the place is the party scene here. Places like Addams house and molecule will make you forget all about your stress in a blink of an eye. Or should i say with the drop of a beat.


Speaking of safety, the area is full of corporate and like minded people so it is relatively safe. The area is still developing and is bustling with busy roads so basic safety is advised irrespective of the place. Because of being a corporate hub, gurgaon has become a home to people from all over india who have travelled in for their jobs. So you will find all sorts of people here and you are sure to hit it off with a lot of them.

The most popular places to live would be MG Road, IFFCO Chowk as well as sector 23 and 21. These areas are close to workplaces and colleges so you will find such people living around you.

So, if you are thinking about your move to Gurgaon, don’t think too much. We have got you and your weekends sorted.


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