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Companies-E&Y,Deloitte,KPMG,Expedia; Best areas-Cyber Hub,Sector 29, MG Road, Sector 23; Hangout Spots- Cyber Hub (The Wine Company, Social, Imperfecto), Sector 29 Market, Taco Bell, The Dhaba; Things to do- Shopping at Ambience, visit KOD,go dancing, gaming;Commute- Delhi Metro, Cabs, Autos;Safety- quite safe due to a diverse working population.

The absolute corporate hub and the home to a few of a few of the biggest global brand names, cyber city is one of the biggest attractions in gurgaon, now also known as gurugram. Gurgaon has been developing at a really good pace these past few years and is increasingly turning into a corporate and industrial hub. You will find most of the working population there. And it is quite diverse too since people from all over the country travel to gurgaon and delhi for their jobs or, sometimes, to find good jobs. So let us now get a sense of this place, starting with how to get here.


The easiest way to get to cyber city from anywhere in delhi is via the delhi metro network. You will need to get on the yellow line of the delhi metro (from samaypur badli to huda city centre) and you can either get off at the MG road station and take a shared auto or a cab, or you can change the metro line at sikanderpur metro station and get on the rapid metro that will take you to cyber city. From there you can either walk the rest of the way to the offices or you can also take e- rickshaws or sharing autos and cabs.


So now it is only natural to wonder what kind of companies are located in the cyber city. Let us just say it is a cluster of both multinational companies as well as some really good domestic ones. Ever heard of the Big four? Well they are the world’s four largest financial corporations. You can find a couple of them here- namely deloitte, KPMG and Ernst and Young. Other companies include Black rock, expedia, dentsu,and many more.So for all the ambitious people out there, waiting to make their mark in the corporate world, cyber city is the place to be.

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But see, all work and no play can make any one a dull person. So what do you do when you need to get out and about and blow off some steam? What are the hangout spots that you can hit? The answer would literally be right in front of the people working there. Cyber city is very close to cyber hub. And as the name rightly reflects, this place is literally a hub of hangout spots. You can spend an entire day here and not realise how the time flies by. So what can you get in cyber hub?

The answer is everything! From your regular and favourite coffee places like starbucks, to your favourite global eateries like Taco Bell. from high end indian restaurants like punjab grill and the Dhaba, to lounges like the Social. Just name your cravings and you will get it all here. And let us just say, they are most definitely worth every penny.

And if you are one of those people whose idea of letting it loose is to grove at some great songs, then this is the place for you. Let your hair down and groove in Raasta or rock those bodies on Bollywood nights at Imperfecto, you can do it all here. Or maybe you can just grab some drinks after work at places like The Wine Company or Soi 7. For those of us who have slightly different interests than drinking and dancing, cyber hub doesn’t leave you out of the fun party.

They have a gaming arcade where you can spend an entire day playing games such as indoor cricket or air hockey. Go for a few rounds of bowling with your fellow mates while grabbing a beer. This is a place to be. Other than this, you can also hit the Ambience mall for satiating all your brand conscious shopping needs. This place is buzzing with high end brands and is absolutely huge. It will easily take you a day to explore it all.

While you’re there, you can grab a lunch at the various restaurants that boast of their mouthwatering menus. Definitely a place to explore. You can also visit the Kingdom of Dreams if you are a fan of musical plays. One of the best places to visit. And even if not, you should still visit the place for its sheer aesthetics. Its beautifully built and worth a visit.


Now to the most crucial part of this discussion. To work in gurgaon, you need to live in gurgaon. And to live here you need to find suitable living spaces that are not just good, but also affordable. Because let’s face it, no one wants to spend their entire hard earned money on rent.

It seems like such a waste. This need for a Paying guest kind of living situation is well met in gurgaon. Since it is a home to a lot of people who have traveled in from other cities for work, you can easily find suitable boys pgs as well as girls pgs in varying budgets.

You can find the one that suits your needs and preference with reasonable comfort. You can also look for private flats if you do not like the idea of living in a PG. if you search online, you can find some companies that help the house hunters find their kind of homes.
These come in 1RK, 1BHK,2BHK and so on. You can also find premium villas at affordable rates that you can share with your fellow flatmates. It is like having a home away from home. These flats are fully furnished to meet all your needs. The area is also pretty safe since these companies usually have a graveyard shifts so there is always some hustle bustle and cyber hub, especially, is buzzing with people well into the night.

CoHo-North-Campus-Ramjas-CollegeSo all the fellow job seekers out there, now you know where to head!

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