Perks Of Having A Punjabi Roommate

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The Punjabi enthusiasm for life is legendary. No one does earning and spending better than Punjabis. With a culture deeply invested in loving oneself and others, Punjabis also make the best of roommates. If you have a Punjabi friend it won’t be long before their devil may care spirit rubs off on you. There are numerous perks to having a Punjabi around you:

  1. They probably know funnier Sardar jokes than you do. But they will always laugh at your clichéd ones to keep your spirits up.
  2. Eating with them will make you realize that your stomach is indeed a bottomless pit with infinite capacity for food intake.
  3. You will know every Punjabi song like the back of your hand. The fact that you don’t understand the lyrics won’t stop you from tapping your feet.
  4. They work hard and party hardest. If you are a prim and uptight person you’re in for one hell of a lifestyle change.
  5. Going to the Gurudwara will become almost a daily ritual just so you could get your hands on the delicious kada prasad. The squeaky clean floor and walls will never cease to surprise.
  6. A third of their family is already in Canada and the rest always have a luggage packed for random trips to the Land of Maple. If you’re fortunate enough you can probably hitch a ride.
  7. ‘Gedi maarna’ will probably become your favorite past time
  8. They will shower you with swear words as well as warm bear hugs and both will make you feel equally loved.
  9. You will learn to finally learn to take that ‘ki farak penda hai’ chill pill which will become your panacea for ailments in life

So now you know what you are missing out on if you do not have a Punjabi friend. At CoHo, find the best flat and flatmates in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi and experience an overwhelming cultural diversity right at your doorstep.


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2 thoughts on “Perks Of Having A Punjabi Roommate

  1. Oh!!The Punjabi friends are really funny..When you get them as your roommate you have a 24*7 entertainment channel with you..They can pepp up your mood instantly.. and oh yes the punjabi songs and their dance…It’s awesome

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