Perks Of Being In A Girls’ College

Coliving in India

While mainstream viewpoints about all girls’ college are rather missing the fun element, the real experience is known by those girls who actually graduate from there.

There are several perks of being in a girls’ college in which the girls take utmost pride and freedom. So let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Your parents don’t suspect much when you’re late:

Simple excuses like struck in traffic, busy in college events always work. Parents end up taking into consideration the fact that you are in a girls’ college and what can you do there. But only girls who have actually experienced the fun element know it better than anyone.

2. Liberty to wear anything:

While in co-ed colleges the girls often crib about the fact that even when they are in the most covered attire, the boys stare at them like an X-ray machine, in girls’ college there are no ifs and buts that they need to worry about.

3. You get to be your own boss:

India is still far from achieving gender equality on many grounds. In co-ed colleges girls are often suppressed for expressing their viewpoints out loud and have to think twice before saying something. Girls’ colleges give a sense of freedom to 21st generation women to stand out and express themselves with a panache.

4. Be your sporty self:

You can just be yourself. From playing kabaddi, swimming, football, cricket, etc. to dressing up as a tomboy whenever you like are a style statement when it comes to a girls’ college. Forget all your worries about waiting for boys to vacate grounds for you to play, in girls’ college you are your own boss.

5. Better concentration on studies:

Okay this one is obvious. With no hot guys in the class you can always utilise that time in studying. In the end we need to realise why we are in the college in the first place.

No doubt girls’ colleges are fun and what’s more fun is living in hostels and PGs. Switch to and have the best experience of coliving in India with a like-minded community!

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