Peer Pressure – The Real Pain In The Awesomeness

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There is a reason Robert Frost wrote The Road Not Taken. Since ages peer pressure has been burning millennials alive. Youngster have become habitual to flocking like sheeps. The fear of taking the road less travelled is enormous especially in a society like that of India.

The division of occupations has been settled based on gender, the educational system stems in defining standards based on ranking and if you fail to follow either of the two, you are looked down with disrespect.

These days we see a lot of instances where peer pressure plays a major role in our life decisions. For example, we witness that many a times youngsters after passing board exams are expected to pursue mainstream courses despite having an inclination towards something creative.

Even after graduating from college, when an opportunity comes for girls to take a management level role, the patriarchal society often ends up supressing them to rather devote more time to household work.

Left with the fear of pursuing something that is unusual and involves a greater risk often leaves one to follow in the path of majority.

This way a lot of new experiences are left undiscovered and at later stages they tend to create a feeling of regret. “Had I done this, I would have landed at a happy place”, “Had I for once taken my decision myself without any peer pressure, I would have been in a better situation” are some common feelings we often see people expressing.

Anyhow, it cannot be said that peer pressure is always bad, if it had been there wouldn’t have seen so many beings going after it.  What needs to be seen here is that there is a difference between taking opinions and doing whatever others do.

There is an old saying, “suno sabki, karo apni”. At times when you have some difficult decisions to make, there ode to be a need for seeking guidance and support. However in the end one should always be responsible for taking his/her decision to prevent regret at later stages.

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One thought on “Peer Pressure – The Real Pain In The Awesomeness

  1. I believe it’s more important to understand your own strengths and weaknesses rather than bother about what others are doing…Too much socialising and listening to every one is a good thing but you need to understand every one is not same..So if we work on others strengths and weaknesses we will not succeed and it can lead to unnecessary pressure..

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