The Odd Even Quandary!

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Unlike his characteristic Gandhi cap and muffler, Arvind Kejriwal is not the first in line to come up with the odd-even rule to reduce traffic on the streets. Officially called Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program and commonly called number or color coding scheme has been used for the allocation and conservation of road space in different metro cities of Philippines including the capital city Manila.

As the social community trolls this landmark decision let us engage in some foresight and chart out some possible advantages of the rule in Delhi

1. Take the metro – Car owning Dilliwalas have forgotten the pleasures of travelling in a metro, the rule gives them plenty of opportunity to use the metro again.

2. Save money – You will no longer be forced to keep up the car swag in parties and social gatherings. It would be a good excuse to save some money and petrol by arriving in public transport.

3. Memory exercise – You will for once remember vehicle plate of numbers of all your near and dear ones. Cell phone numbers are a long way off but plate numbers could be the first baby step.

4. Conversation striker – If you have lived in the same apartment for years and still don’t know your neighbours. All you have to do now is find out their car plate number, car pooling can be a great way of forging a convivial relationship.

5. Great Excuse – Now you can finally excuse yourself out of household errands on alternate days and avoid driving around to fulfill those long grocery lists.

6. Math on the street – It’s a great way to test a kid’s understanding of odd even numbers. No kid in India shall ever forget that 3 is an odd number.

7. Experiment with habit – Most often people use personal vehicles because they presuppose its comfort. This is a chance for these individuals to try other modes of transportation and make a break with habit and social conditioning.

Even though a lot of cynicism revolves around the rule and it is rightly contemplated whether Delhi public transport is prepared to deal with the upsurge in commuters. But it is still a proactive attempt at dealing with an issue plaguing the entire city and who knows it might work out and forever change the way we use our vehicles.

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One thought on “The Odd Even Quandary!

  1. The odd even quandry will reduce the traffics to a great extent as the number of vehicles reduces drastically..people will be using public Transport something which will generate revenue for the Govt..Also it helps in people socializing more during their travel time..

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