Obsession With Punjabi Tadka In Almost Anything!

Coliving In India

Punjabis are the powerhouse of happiness, fun and daring attitude. Taking utmost pride in their culture and traditions, they have successfully won hearts across the nations.

The Punjabi obsession has engulfed North India completely. We can now see its effects in many aspects of our life, so let’s take a closer look:

1. Desi Ghee and Butter: The outpouring of desi ghee and butter on chapattis, meals, bread, etc. until it is completely immersed in it.

For butter obsessed beings, cholesterol levels are ignored as long as they can be. Taste comes first and foremost.

2. Rap: Yo Yo Honey Singh rings a bell in almost every household as we say the word rap.
There can be an endless debate on this topic whether he is even a bit close to be called as a rapper or not, but that aside as we said, Punjabi raps keep the parties going and give words to the feelings of the Indian youth.

3. Momos: It won’t come as a surprise if the majority of the people who consume momos in India haven’t really known what an actual Chinese momos taste like.

We see momos stalls on every corner, the food that they offer is not authentic Chinese but comes with a Punjabi twist. With spicy chatni and tandoori aspect, the popular momos and chowmien are in their essence Punjabi by heart and we all love it the way they are.

4. Extra Masala In Everything: ‘Bhaiya thoda aur masala daalo’, should become the tagline for university students. From chat papdi to chhole bhature, if the aren’t spicy, they aren’t good.

Punjabi’s love for spices has imbibed this trend across north and made the food stalls adapt to it. If they aren’t spicy they aren’t good, regardless of their offerings.

5. Long hair: When you see those pretty punajabans with their oh so long and silky hair, you don’t stop there. For a moment your thought process drifts in comparing your own hair and making a wish that you have hair like them someday.

No doubt Punjabiness plays its way around with all of us and gives us a reason to cheer up even in the saddest of times.

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3 thoughts on “Obsession With Punjabi Tadka In Almost Anything!

  1. something that is missing here and itching the very fabric of the existence of me as a gamer is the fascination with cars. Punjabi’s have a knack for extravagance and it clearly shows in the type of cars they drive/talk about/customize etc.

  2. The Bhangra and The Gidda…The Punjabis can do Bhangra on any song or any beats….And the ever so jolly nature of Punjabis attracts the most….

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