North Indians in Bangalore

India is a country with a vast culture. Language and festivals fall in the center. On one hand where it is fascinating to be exposed to new cultures every time you travel to a new place, it is also difficult to adapt to it when you have to live there for work or studies. Bangalore has become a hub for students and people who move out for work.

North Indians in Bangalore have a lot of challenges to deal with apart from finding a place to live comfortably and manage some time for themselves.

Local people of Bangalore kind of dislike the idea of northies migrating to South as they feel they are making the city crowded and expensive for no good reason.They think North Indians are responsible for all the traffic on roads (which they are) so they are generally not very inclined to help them. However, hospitality is integral to India and therefore people are mostly kind.

Language in India changes every 5 km.Moving to a completely different region can give one cultural shock. Kannadigas prefer to talk to each other and others in Kannada, so dealing with the people specially the taxi drivers or food vendors can be a bit difficult.A little homework on the language might be of some help.

North Indians landing in Bangalore have a hard time adjusting their taste buds. Dosa becomes staple, as they say – When in Rome do as the Romans. Bangalore, however, serves good North Indian food as well. The roadsides of Jayanagar and Koramangla are heaven for Chaat, Tikki and Puchka.

Koramangla is full of cafes and restaurants which mostly serve continental food and you can find more of northern taste, in terms of food and music both. There are events like “bollywood night” and “bollywood live music shows” which are good for dates or a casual outing. Food outlets like Kota Kachori, Puraani Dilli, Bhatinda Dine, Punjabi Dhaba and all will satisfy your cravings of North Indian food.They have great love for their food and language, so no compromise happening there. However,

South Indian food taste the best in Bangalore. Dosas taste authentic and you start to either love it or adjust with it. Also, people in South Indian might not understand your love for chapati and hence you might have to make some adjustments there as well.They don’t celebrate most of the festivals that are celebrated widely in the north for eg Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, etc. These are big festivals that are celebrated together with family in North India while people in South India work on those days as well. There’s no off for any of the festivals for any reason.

Co-living is a preferable option to go with when you move to Bangalore. Co-living helps build a society of different kinds of people in an alien city. These people choose to live with other people from same or different demographies and have all the other responsibilities managed like food, laundry and even entertainment.

CoHo provides PG near Hosur Road, Bannerghatta and Electronic City in Bangalore. If you are looking for PG for gents, CoHo is a nice option to consider. It is better to live in co-living spaces that will raise your living standards as they avoid the hustle bustle of living and managing a flat of rent alone. Rented flats are hard to find for gents who are bachelor. North Indians might find some difficulties adjusting according to their South Indian landlords in rented flats or PG’s while CoHo maintains least personal interference and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of married and unmarried people.

CoHo is one of the most preferred gents PG in Electronic City, as Infosys and Wipro are at walking distance, people working at these two places prefer to live nearby their offices.

Single Rooms for rent are extremely expensive in Bangalore.Rooms for rent in Electronic City also charge more depending on your requirements since one will have to buy all the essentials like fan, lights, microwave, refrigerator, TV while these facilities are already available at CoHo at a price cheaper than that of flats at rent in Electronic City, Bannerghatta or Hosur.

College students of Christ University can lodge at CoHo near Bannerghatta Road, CoHo make sures that there is a good environment for residents who are studentst get to study without any disturbances. Rooms are well lit and furniture provided are in good condition.

CoHo hence is an sociosystem that has space for all. Schedule a visit to know more.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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North Indians in Bangalore
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North Indians in Bangalore
North Indians in Bangalore have a lot of challenges to deal with apart from finding a place to live ....CoHo provides PG near Hosur Road, Bannerghatta and Electronic City in Bangalore. If you are looking for PG for gents
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