North Campus vs South Campus – Which One Is Better?



It’s time to call a truce on the centuries-old epic war between the two formidable Delhi University foundations – North Campus and South Campus. Forever putting its prospective students into a conundrum, all Delhi University constituent colleges are par excellence, making the choice an utterly difficult one.

Where you have the lush green vadiyaan of South Campus, unbeatable tandoori momos, Lodhi Garden and Satya Niketan on one end, there’s Hudson Lane, Kamla Nagar and an amassed student crowd on North Campus’ side. We don’t blame you for being so picky about where your allegiance lies, trust us, we’ve been there too.

Barring the education standards that Delhi University upholds for all its star colleges, there are certain facets that have continued to be a point of glory, working their magic to make both North Campus and South Campus turn into phenomenal study options to students for almost a hundred years now. It’s DU after all! So allow us to introduce to you, our dearest newbie, the fame that North Campus shines in and the pride that comes naturally to someone going to South Campus.

North Campus

It is safe to assume that every undergraduate course applicant in India has once rejoiced in the wonderful fantasy of going to North Campus. At the risk of sounding biased, let us frame our North Campus obsession in a way that does justice to the prestige accorded to its name. Within the one kilometre radius of each other, house the first three Delhi University constituent colleges, namely: Hindu College, Ramjas College and St. Stephen’s College. Almost a century old, these three colleges have been the unbreakable backbone that DU functions on. That’s not even half of the wonder, guys.

Sri Ram College of Commerce AKA SRCC, that continues to remain the most desirable institute for commerce applicants from all around the world happens to be in North Campus.

To give its student the utmost one can expect out of a university life, some of the best colleges under DU: Miranda House, FMS, UILS and Kirori Mal College to name a few, were also established within that walkable one-kilometre range. Full campus feels!

It’s All About the Food

Well now that we’ve covered the brilliant academic structures Delhi University bases its esteem on, let’s come down to business. We’re sure you must by now be accustomed to that Kudrat Ka Karishma that Hudson Lane is. We swear to you, at least a gazillion quirky restaurants mark up Hudson Lane and GTB Nagar and it is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make as a student. How can one pick between Big Yellow Door and Rico’s? It’s a dreamland for your taste buds. We swear by it!

– Pauses for a long sigh –


The Sundarta of North Campus

No, kids, we apologise but that’s not it. The mighty Delhi University North Campus is not targeting foodies and intellectuals alone. Another one of the endless lists of perks that comes with being a DU student is the quaint quality it has to its architecture and surrounding areas. Famous for being a priority destination for groups of friends and aashiqs, the Ridge is one such place one must thank the gods for!

And if trees and monkeys don’t do it for you, we have Naini Lake in Model Town that is barely a 10 minutes metro ride that is totally worth the serenity and quietude!

Kamla Nagar Market

Not to leave the shopaholics dejected and forgotten, it is our duty to introduce to you the number one coolest thing about North Campus: KAMLA NAGAR! All you have to do is jump the fence at Kirori Mal College edging Kamla Nagar market to enter the world of amazing momos, Maggi, street-style fashion at affordable prices and at least a thousand of your buddies from neighbouring colleges. Its closeness to North Campus colleges makes it one of the best hangout spots in the area. Merely a 3 minutes walk from your college, this is where you ought to be for a mid-lecture break.


Affordable Accommodation

It would be blasphemy to forget the endless housing options students have to go to North Campus. Since all the colleges are in each other’s close vicinity, the surrounding residential areas have been rented out to students for years and years to come. Barely 5 minutes from Vishwavidyalaya metro station and the university campus is Kamla Nagar and Malka Ganj for the laziest of the lot. As for the rest, GTB Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Model Town and Hudson Lane are some alluring options for a good accommodation.

That should sum up all the top reasons one needs to prefer North Campus to South Campus from our end. But since we promised to give this a fair end, let’s talk South Campus now so we don’t leave anybody sore from our biases. -Wink Wink-

South Campus

Especially famous for their undergraduate courses in liberal arts and sciences, students from all over the country aspire to attend some of the best South Campus colleges that Delhi University has to offer. From intellectual growth to wisdom and creative genius, Lady Shri Ram College, Sri Aurobindo College, Jesus and Mary College, Gargi College and Sri Venkateswara College are some of the constitutive South Campus star colleges under DU that are in the ranks of giants.

Serenity of South Campus

From the bahaar of Garden of Five Senses in Saket, IIC and its beautiful structures and Hauz Khas Fort to the lush green vadiyaan of Lodhi Garden, the comfort of nature is something that practically everyone residing in North Delhi is devoid of. South Campus kids are winning here by an easy shot. To have a peaceful evening to yourself with perhaps a few playful dogs around, after tiring hours in college… sigh. We must concede defeat.


Satya Niketan and Defence Colony

Much less crowded than Hudson Lane and GTB Nagar Market, Satya Niketan is a pretty lit market for students and residents of South Delhi. Especially those who go to Sri Venkateswara College, it comes as an easy respite from all the chaos of college. From cafes like Big Yellow Door, Cafeteria and Co., QD’s and the likes to Hunger Strike and Nagpal ke Chole Bhature in Lajpat Nagar and Defence Colony, it’s a sweet haven to our growling stomachs.


Azaadi from the crowd

However happy it may make North Campus kids, only South Campus kids know and appreciate the value of independence from an overcrowded campus. South Campus colleges are located at a distance from each other … Lady Shri Ram College in Lajpat Nagar, Sri Venkateswara College near Dhaula Kuan, Sri Aurobindo College in Malviya Nagar, Gargi College in Green Park and Maitreyi College and Jesus and Mary College in Chanakyapuri, so on and so forth. North Campus kids are oblivious to the absolute joy that one feels walking out of college and having an atmosphere filled with oxygen and not sweat!

Perfect Evenings

South Campus kids have the privilege of choosing between a quiet evening and a crazy night out dancing! The close proximity of all colleges to places like Hauz Khas Village, Satya Niketan and Nehru Place make it an easy option for students to just change and make it to the most happening events in the city and a party euphoria.

If not partying, one could easily catch a movie, shop or stroll the tiles of DLF Place Saket, Select Citywalk or Promenade on a date. And if streetside food and bright lights attract your young souls, GK M block and Green Park Market make the perfect evening breaks you need from a tiresome day!

Our personal favourite highlight that makes South Campus unchallenged and the winner of this battle is – drum rolls please- Sarojini Nagar! One just cannot undermine or render insignificant the allure of Sarojini. All of NCR practically runs on the supplies of Sarojini ke kapde. All our respect, all of it. Also, try delicious regional specialities from states you have always wanted to visit at Dilli Haat in INA!


PHEW! Enticing this neverending battle between the two pillars of DU, apart from the arduous hours spent at college campuses and libraries trying to get your grades right and bickering over why your college is better than your friend’s. We leave the decision to you now. understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. There must come some respite in the form of home! You don’t have to look too far, little one. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colourful world called university life.

We bring to you the best rooms in North Campus to help facilitate what is going to be the best years of your life! Check out for a home away from home, and go take that walk down Hudson Lane, never miss a lecture again, and never worry about making it to the metro station before rush hours – knowing that you’re coming back to security and comfort.

As for our South Campus kids, count on us to make sure your time lost quarrelling with your nemesis will be made up with a loving home! Go get that DDA membership and make it to Lodhi Garden for an evening Yoga class. has got everything else covered for you.

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North Campus vs South Campus - Which One Is Better?
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North Campus vs South Campus - Which One Is Better?
It’s time to call a truce on the centuries-old epic war between the two formidable Delhi University foundations - North Campus and South Campus.
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