Navratri Clichés!

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Navratri is an important festival in Hindu culture and its celebration brings together devotees to worship in unison the nine forms of Devis. Where on one hand we see rigorous traditions being followed, on the other hand there is a plethora of mainstream funny tag lines that have developed over time and that never fail to amuse us. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Oye, Navrati is starting tomorrow, let’s have our share of chicken of the coming nine days today itself.

Before that dharmic atma awakens in some of the individuals during those ten days and nine nights, they tend to make sure that they have had their share of all the ‘undharmic’ eateries before the Navratri begins.

2. Yaar no daaru, how will I survive?

Well, it all comes down to liquor in the end. Surviving without it during Navratri days is no less than Mission Impossible.

3. Zor se bolo Jai Mata Di!

“Saare bolo Jai Mata Di”, “Milkar bolo Jai Mata Di”, “Dil se bolo Jai Mata Di”, “Jai Mata Di, Jai Mata Di”. Okay I think you got what I meant.

4. I wish I was a young girl like her, would have earned a jackpot this Kunjak rather than sitting unemployed. Sigh.

Hmm, if you’re one of those, we can feel you.

5. I love Navratri food!

From kuttu ki roti to aloo ki sabsi, Navratri has its perks and rest apart, they are pretty good.

6. Bro, Navratri is over. Let’s have daaru party!

Bang! When it comes to down to the end of Navratri we are faster than Flash on changing our songs from Jai Mata Di to Chaar Botal Vodka.

7. “Chalo dandiya khelte hai”

No denying the fact that once in our life we all have fantasised playing Dandiya in traditional wear with our crush.

Found this hilarious, well then definitely you can relate to at least on of those clichés. Team CoHo wishes everyone a very Happy Navratri! Find the best houses on rent in Gurgaon, PG in Delhi with CoHo!


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Navratri Clichés!
Article Name
Navratri Clichés!
Navratri is an important festival in Hindu culture and its celebration brings together devotees to worship in unison the nine forms of Devis.
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4 thoughts on “Navratri Clichés!

  1. i have to plead guilty to this one, though when i am away from home, what i eat and my parents don’t know is okay. its not like i cant go for days without eating non veg, but it is extremely harder for me to control myself specially when people tell me explicitly not to do so. restaurants being shut dont help either. Its a treacherous period this, the navratri….

  2. The part that is most cliche is when you are not allowed to eat Non Veg..If you have veg friend then things do not help either..This becomes really hard whenever you feel like having NonVeg you are made to feel guilty…

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