Moving to Gurgaon? Househunting Checklist If You’re From Chennai

We have some really amazing deals for you, if you are a south Indian who has moved to Gurgaon from Chennai. This blog post will serve your purpose right if your work has landed you up in Gurgaon. This place a hub of is MNCs and young people working there.

The first thing you will look for is a hideout and we are happy to help you a little. But, before that, we must tell you that you are going to have a great time in Delhi because the weather is a relief from hot weather of Chennai, but only when it’s not summer here and we won’t let you miss your south dosai because equally love your south indian cuisine.

The only difficulty that you might face here is the language barrier but if you can speak English, you need to worry less about it. Now let’s inform you a little about the housing options available for you.


There are many rooms for rent around this place, you can easily find one for yourself depending on the area you work in, so that it is easy for you to commute and you don’t get exhausted.

You can also find houses for rent here, if you plan to shift with family. House for rent in Gurgaon can cost you around Rs 25,000-30,000. If you are a bachelor, you have several options if you do not mind sharing some space.

You can find some areas expensive here but sharing can relieve you of the burden of expense. So, in that case, you can get apartments for rent and share it with a colleague from your office or with a friend of yours, if you wish.

There are many 1BHK for rent in Gurgaon available for the working people. But, living in flat and apartments can be difficult for people who find it difficult to manage a house on their own because this extra responsibility can burden them up.


For people who find it difficult to maintain a flat on their own can also rent a PG in Gurgaon, there are plenty. There is PG for boys and girls PG in Gurgaon both. Many people prefer to live in PGs because they are well furnished, they have somebody to look after them and heed to their needs all the time.

The average rent of these PGs is around Rs 7000-8000 while flats can cost them around Rs 15,000. The good news is, you can also look for flatmates if you can’t manage it all alone.

It’s better if the roommate is someone you know beforehand. It is not difficult to find someone to share your flat with because there are many like you out there searching for someone to share their space and expense with.


There is affordable housing in Gurgaon, cheaper than those in Delhi. However, it is many people’s wish to live in Delhi since they find it more fascinating a place. Gurgaon is well connected to Delhi through metro, you can also live in Delhi if you can manage travelling to work.

Travelling comparatively less tiring these days because of improved transportation. Saket is a nice place to live in which is not very far away from Gurgaon. You can look up for a PG in Saket or around some other locality which should suit you. When you go in search of a PG always keep in mind your comfort and security.  Always try and negotiate with the owner for the price.

Now, since we have briefed you about all the options you can avail related to housing, let’s talk about our second sought – Food. There are many restaurants in both Gurgaon and Delhi where you can find south Indian cuisine, so you will not have to miss your home much.

Saravana Bhavan in Delhi is famous for south Indian food and the throng outside the restaurant ensures you about the taste. There are many other restaurants in Gurgaon where you can get to eat the delicious south Indian food – Naivedyam Restaurant is the most famous.


There are many other restaurants and cafes that serve dosai and idlis. You can always go check them out on weekends. Some good restaurants and food joints include Vaango, Naivedyam, Chennai Amma, Dosa Plaza, Mr and Mrs Idly and Ammu’s where you can go with your friends to eat as you would have in Chennai.


And the good news is, you do not have have to worry about the calories that you take because you can burn them in the gym. Since, the youth these days is very much concerned with their health and looks, there are many hostels and PGs in Gurgaon that provide gym for them in the same building so that they do not have to rush to some other place and they can work out in peace.

Many south Indians fear to live here because of language barrier.  But, most of the people here are working with MNCs, there’s very low chance that they do not understand or speak English. It is the most preferred language among the youth, as it seems. So, language cannot be a barrier and you wouldn’t have a hard time communicating with people if you can speak English or little bit of Hindi.

The best advantage of living in or around Gurgaon is – even if you are someone not employed or recruited in any office there are many places to work here, you can apply in many companies.

There is a lot of exposure in this place since a lot of people are working in MNCs like Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young, American Express and you get to interact with them in many clubs and restaurants and malls all around you. So, you keep gaining a lot of information about different companies and the work environment and it becomes easy for you to switch by suiting yourself.

Delhi and Gurgaon is a mixed culture. You’d rarely feel out of the place here because there are so many people living away from their homes and hence in search of friends and company. Also, there are so many good places to visit in and around Delhi.

You can visit all the beautiful and fascinating monuments in Delhi or you can also go to Rishikesh at weekends if you like peace and mountains. This city is very welcoming, it has so many things to offer be it food or sites, you’d never get bored of it. You’d definitely miss your  beautiful beaches but the monuments here cannot be paralleled with anything in this world.


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Moving to Gurgaon? Househunting checklist if you’re from Chennai
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Moving to Gurgaon? Househunting checklist if you’re from Chennai
We have some really amazing deals for you, if you are a south Indian who has moved to Gurgaon from Chennai. This blog post will serve your purpose right if your work has landed you up in Gurgaon.
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