The Moving-to-a-new-city Blues!

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Experts consider moving to a new place to be one of the major stresses in life. Leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities creates anxiety for everyone involved, parents included. And it’s hard work indeed, to pack and prepare for a move and then settle into a new home.

Moving to a new place is always challenging. It is challenging mainly because you have to adapt quickly. You get to meet new people.

You develop new relationships. You need to understand people around you, since you’re going to be living with them now. It’s all too big a change, isn’t it? It seems overwhelming indeed.

There are a lot of things that await you once you move to a new place. Exploring new places, trying out different cuisines, looking for a decent place to live, places to shop, to name a few.

But you need to settle first, isn’t it? I mean you cannot possibly think about dragging those humongous bags with you everywhere you go now, can you? And that’s when all these money-minded landlords set out to exploit you.

Exorbitant rent prices, degrading quality of food, verbal abuse, threatening behavior, having utilities cut off as intimidation and even destruction of personal belongings.

Like a bad haircut, everyone has at least one story of terrifying and terrible landlords. The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is entirely skewed in favor of the landlord and that’s how tenants have no choice but to cave.

As long as there are people desperate for housing, there will be unscrupulous landlords who abuse that power to harass, intimidate and extort money from tenants.

So what should you really do to avoid being trapped in this labyrinth? Well for starters, don’t just go around looking for housing.

Rookies are very easy to spot and even easier to exploit. Do your research. Talk to people who have been staying in the new city for quite some time, talk to friends of friends, build your network or connect with and find the best flats in Noida, Gurgaon or Delhi.

Moving is a part of life. You go places and you start a new life. That’s the way it is supposed to be. Life is not meant to be lived at one place.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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4 thoughts on “The Moving-to-a-new-city Blues!

  1. This is indeed a major drawback when you move to a new city..It seems like you have to start a new life altogether…U feel that there should be a place where you can easily move in and then there is nothing to worry about…This is what CoHo gives us where we can live hassle free..

  2. While moving into a new city, its not just about where you are putting up, it about how comfortable you are. Its true that people tend to be myopic about taking accomodation. Why to settle for an ordinary Pg when you can find a home away from home? Its the experience of living in a new city that you tKe Long forever. And CoHo gives you exactly that!!

  3. Went through the exact same thing when I shifted to Noida 5 years back. Searching for a nice place to live was one hell of a task. But nevertheless you always gain something from these kind of experiences.
    The learning I got from Noida chapter helped me a lot when I moved to Gurgaon. This time I knew whom should I contact.

  4. The best and worst part about moving to a new city is moving, you leave memories behind, you move on to an alien face. everything is confusing, even though nothing bad happens, you know for sure there is something that is not right. You realize that things will never be the same again. But you also realize that you will get a new, never before experienced set of events and memories that you will either cherish or would not want to remember again because lets face it, its not all gardens and roses out there.

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